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Bob Schulz, Chairman of "We The People Foundation" chatted with
Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Judge's show, "Freedom Watch."
Schulz who became a national legend attempting to get the federal
government to honor the right of the people to address their grie-
vances with govern
ment. The Obama Administrations acknowledges
that the people have a constitutional right to complain, but govern-
ment, Obama says, ia not required to answer our complaints.

On April 5, 2001 (nine years ago tomorrow), the newly-elected GOP-controlled Congress, on behalf of the Bush-43 Administration decided to hold a secret committee hearing to explore the question: How can a tiny, vastly underfunded Internet political action committee raise enough money to run not one, but three, full page ads in USA Today.

The hearing was so secret that only select members of the liberal media was invited to attend. It was so secret, in fact, that the target of the hearing, former radio talk show host and now head of the New York-based We The People Foundation, Bob Schulz, was not only not invited, he had no knowledge that a hearing about his fund-raising activities was being held on Thurs., April 5 until New York Times reporter Richard K. Johnson called him on April 3 and asked him if he was aware that the US Senate Finance Committee was going to hold a hearing on the ads that were demanding a redress of grievances on the 16th Amendment's legitimacy. Schulz had run the ads in the Washington Times National Weekly Edition and conservative subscribers of that paper paid for the ads that ran in USA Today. That was going to be the topic discussed in a committee hearing headed by Sen. Charles Grassley [R-IA]. Schulz grabbed a flight to Washington the next day and showed up at the Senate Finance Committee on the April 5 (remember, we're talking about 2001 here). (This story was originally posted on my old subdomain website. It was never transferred to the current website when it was created later that year. AOL killed all of their subdomain websites about three or four years ago, so any material I did not retrieve at that time was lost. I will endeavor to get that article reposted tomorrow evening. It will be posted under Two Cents Worth.) If you don't find it tomorrow, check back and it will be there.

In this video, Schulz talked with Judge Andrew Napolitano about his attempts to petititon members of the Obama Administration and Congress—the people's representatives—to discuss their arrogance in not listening to the people who have made it clear they opposed government healthcare, the creation of a "health board" which was arbitrarily given the right to decide when government can no longer afford to treat you, and to demand that the stimulus packages Congress enacted to endow the rich be rescinded and all recipients of money taken from the people by brute government force be forced to return all money received to the taxpayers. This is a don't miss video.


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