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Shortly after the recent secret Bilderberger meeting, sometime
around the first week of May, 2010, a group of some of the
wealthiest social progressives in the United States met at the
home of Rockefeller Uni
versity president and British Nobel Prize
winning biochemist, Sir Paul Nurse. The informal meeting included
David Bloomburg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller,
George Soros, Ted Turner, and Oprah Winfrey.

NOTE: The Hal Lindsay video on the recent secret meeting of the rich to discuss population control was removed. According to YouTube, the "...video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with the video was terminated due to multiple third-party complaints of copyright infringement. For that reason I substituted the tape from another site. It is the same video, just not in the regular YouTube format.

Population control has bothered the Rockefeller clan, the Hanna Brothers and the other carbon fuel moguls who believed that fossil fuels are the byproduct of decayed dinosaurs and prehistoric fauna and other animal life. Although the Russians, who believe in nothing except force were smart enough to grasp the reality that oil is manufactured in the bowels of the Earth and are drilling deep wells and capturing the oil decades before it will seep to vast pools near the surface of the Earth where traditional drillers find it.

Another fallacy of the elitist rich is that people, not solar activity, are the primary cause of global warming. And, even though scientists have now proven that the world is experiencing global cooling not global warming, the elitists whose dollars each count as a vote, agree with Al Gore—even though the anti-global warming scientists are correct, the debate, they claim, is over. That's because they have the money to stop the debate—for two reasons.

First, the ecoalarmists believe that carbon pollutants in the industrialized nations somehow don't pollute when they are moved to the emerging economies. Second, transferring all of the factories from the industrialized nations with populations that are below replenishment level to those above replenishment levels makes sense because the wealthiest nations have become nothing more than "replacement markets." Everyone owns two, three, four or more of everything and they need nothing.

Conversely, the people who live in the undeveloped or underdeveloped nations have nothing and need everything—beginning with our jobs so they will possess incomes to purchase the goods they don't have—which is everything. They possess nothing except the most valuable commodity on Earth—human capital. Give them jobs and a free market economy (even if its socialist), and the princes of industry and the barons of banking and industry will increase their wealth tenfold as the former middle class of America languishes in poverty. That is, those lucky enough to still be alive. Who will they be? They will be those, male and female, fortunate enough to have a job, lucky enough to be paying taxes and be young enough to still have their health, fearing the day when they qualify for Social Security and socialized medicine, because from experience, they will have learned that once the hair on their head greys or falls out, and the skin on their faces wrinkles with age, the morphine-drip visit to eternal slumberland is not far off.

While the subject was probably not on the written agenda, each billionaire was given about 15 minutes to push their favorite cause. Over dinner Sir Paul Nurse. Nobel Prize winner for biochemistry and current president of Rockefeller University, David Rockefeller, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Microsoft mogul Bill Gates, CNN founder Ted Turner, Socialist billionaire George Soros and even popular TV talk show host and Barack Ohama adviser Oprah Winfrey were among a group who discussed what they wanted most in the world, and how they might construct an umbrella sufficient to bracket all of their interests collectively. It was at that time, the London Times reported, that Bill Gates said—and everyone appeared to collectively agree—that the need for population control was the number one issue facing the nation and the world. Gates said he had been working on a proposal since February that would ultimately cap global population at 8.3 billion people.

One guest who refused to be identified by name said that population growth had to be considered the most disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat facing the world.

Why are we a threat? Because we bought into the Social Progressives Ponzi scheme promise of eternal prosperity in the 1930s, believing that when we reached that magic age of 65, the government would provide us with a "livable income" for the rest of our lives. Of course, in 1930, the average life of a working class stiff (pardon the pun) was between 59.7 and 61.6 With Social Security kicking in at 65 years of age, the odds of your dying before you collected anything other than the $250 death benefit favored Uncle Sam until 1945. By 1940, the working class person could expect to live until about age 65, but usually died after collecting 5 or 6 Social Security checks. Today, a working class stiff can expect to live between 77.8 and 78.3 years of age which puts Uncle Sam on the hook for billions in pension dollars for upwards of 12 to 13 years.

When Medicare was added, the government's liability increased tenfold. When Lyndon Johnson looted the Social Security Trust Fund to finance generational welfare, the politicians shrugged their shoulders, believing the next generation of Americans would replace the shortfalls. Then Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin came along and stole what was left, placing it in the general treasury and, showing the surplus, claimed they had balanced the budget. George W. Bush came along in 2003 and told the American people that the Social Security Trust Fund was bankrupt. The Democrats called him a liar and called for the lynch mob with the tar and feathers. AARP led the mob screaming that Social Security was solvent and Bush-43 needed to be run out of town on a rail. But, Bush was right. Social Security is broke. Medicare is bankrupt. And Obama wants to give you more of both. It's amazing how willing we are to believe a lie as long as it's good news, and deny the truth if we don't like the taste of it.

Instead of Social Security becoming more solvent through the years, in 1973 the Social Progressive Warren Court, pushd by communist Felix Frankfurter and Social Progressive Harry Blackmun, legalized abortion on Jan. 22, 1973. And, instead of growing a new generation of taxpaying workers who would keep the system alive, America followed Europe down the path to oblivion.

To maintain minimal population growth (just enough to keep the nation solvent, we needed a population replenishment level of at least 1.5 (1 1/2 life births for each death; or, at a minimum, one child per each marital union). Ideally since we could afford it geographically and economically, in the United States, our replenishment level should have been 2.5. If it had been, our industries would still be here, Social Security would still be solvent, and our government would not be plotting ways to euthanize our parents and grandparents when they go to the hospital with a runny nose or a fracture due to osteoporosis.


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