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This cartoon was made in 1948. It was posted by someone using the
name "Average Family Guy," which everyone in America was in 1948.
Roosevelt had been dead for three years, but 62 communist FDR staf-
fers were still working for Truman, and Truman was running for elec-
tion in 1948. Even Hollywood was tired of the Social Progressives FDR
didn't take with him when he died. During the New Deal, Stalin was
convinced he would have FDR eating out of his hand, and America a
Soviet satellite by 1960.

Among the "leftover communists" in Truman's Administration in 1947-48 were some names that will shock you (unless you've spent a lot of time digging around on my website and already know these names and more. Among the hardcore communists were Abe Fortas, General Council (placed on the US Supreme Court by Lyndon Johnson); Adolph Berle, Assistant Secretary of State; Frank Berman, Dept. of Commerce; Benjamin Cohn, Executive Advisor to FDR; Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of the Interior (and the father of the Harold M. Ickes, prominent New York progressive and Bill Clinton's Deputy Chief-of-Staff, Frances Perkins, Labor Secretary; Henry Morganthau, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury; Harold Nathan, Assistant Director of the FBI; Alger Hiss, a protege and political aide of FDR adviser and later US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter; Harry Dexter White, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Alger Hiss, Assistant Solicitor of the Justice Dept., and Col. William F. Friedmann, head of cryptography for the War Department. In all, 62 of Roosevelt's key advisers were known to be active, card-carrying Soviet agents who spied on the United States and supplied secret to top secret information to Moscow. Almost all of them were carried over into Truman's Administration. When the Cold War began in 1946, and the Americans no longer viewed the Soviets as allies but deadly enemies, the attitudes of the American people changed radically about communists and the presence of active communists within the US government. It was only then that Truman began to get rid of some of the most notorious communists in his Administration.


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