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Judge Andrew Napolitano's take on the US census, first through the
eyes of freshman Congressman Jason Chaffetz [R-UT] and then
through the eyes of Rahm Emanuel, Obama chief-of-staff who thinks,
in the inner cities, we should not bother with an actual head count,
but estimate how many people live there.

When the social progressive New Deal Congress of FDR stupidly created the 4th branch of government, they wisely placed some checks and balances over it to make sure the bureaucracy had enough transparency that Congress, and the American people (to a small degree), had an inkling what the government was doing. Of course, in the 1930s, the people still mattered, and it was the people—not special interest groups nor transnational corporations—that elected Congressmen and Senators (the people lost that right in 1912 when JP Morgan was able to buy every presidential candidate with the single exception of Eugene V. Debs, the Socialist who ran for President from his federal prison cell). That means, as long as the Commerce Department controls the census, Congressmen and Senators (and the media) have access to the methods used to complete the physical head count that tells us exactly how many people live in each congressional district in each State, and collectively, how many US citizens (and non-citizens) live in the United States.

Move the census from the Commerce Department into the secret confines of the White House war room, and all transparency is gone. The White House plans to add millions of new voters not only in the inner cities by simply estimating they are there, but also in the western States where there are too many conservative and moderate voters. In the Election of 2008, without census statistics to create imaginary but nevertheless, real-on-paper-voters, ACORN and MoveOn.org created 35 million voters in key swing States, which is how they won the super majority they needed to enact any law they wanted to enact without a single Republican vote. Imagine what happens to our electoral system when you have the power to play God and actually create millions of "real" people with the stroke of a pen in any congressional district in the United States?


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