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Someone in Oklahoma City asked their local
Better Business Bureau(cracy) if citizens are
required to cooperate with census
takers. The
bureaucrat answered "...you are legally obligated
to participate with the effort..." adding that the
Census Bureau does not use email, doesn't ask
for your Social Security number, your checking
account number or credit card numbers. The
Census Taker can constitutionally ask one question:
"How many people reside here?"

Article I, Sec. 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution requires a decennial census of all of its citizens (once every ten years). The purpose of the census, initially, was to determine the number of Congressmen each State would have, and where those Congressmen would be concentrated. The Constitution deemed that the number of representatives would not exceed 1 for every 30 thousand citizens. As the population began to mushroom at the turn of the 20th century, Congress enacted Public Law 62-5 in 1911 to set the total number of Congressmen at 435. What that means today is as population shifts occur and people move from the the formerly heavily industrialized urban States for the more sparsely populated Midwesten and western States, the urban States like New York, Michigan, Illinois and California lose Congressional seats and the more agrarian States pick them up. In addition, as internal populations shift from the larger, more liberal crime-infested cities to smaller, safer conservative communities, theoretically, the larger population areas should lose representatives and the smaller, more rural areas should pick up new seats. (Even though we know what actually happens is that the State legislatures gerrymander their congressional districts to make sure their party doesn't lose seats.)

But here is the reality on the census. Article I, Sec. 2, Clause three requires a body count. How many people live in a particular home, in a particular city, in a particular congressional district since money is doled out to States and to congressional districts. However, constitutionally, that is the only information census takers can ask for are those related to the number of people living in your household. According to the Census Bureau, there are only 10 questions on the census this year, all of them related to who you are. Name, gender, race, date of birth, racial origin of each person living at that address, the relationships of each person to the individual completing the form, and whether anyone listed on the form lives, part time, somewhere else. The form also asks whether the home is owned or rented, how many people live there, and whether anyone living there on April 1, 2010 was not included in the data. And, it asks for a phone number in case a clarification call is needed in the event one or more of the questions was not answered. Easy? Right? Illegal? Yes. The Constitution provides the Census Bureau with a "head count" right only.

But the problem isn't the census, which is easy enough that most people won't argue with it. Following it, however, will be the American Community Survey which is theoretically not part of the survey even though it is administered by the US Census Bureau. This survey is 14 pages long. Every question that is on the census is also on this form. The information beginning on page 5 concerns intrusive questions about your personal finances, etc., that are simply not their business. Complete that form and the Obama Administration will know more about you than your spouse. The Census Form will be mailed to you in March and is supposed to be mailed back to the Census Bureau by April 1, 2010. I suspect that ACORN representatives authorized to call on you by the US Census Bureau will hand carry the American Community Survey (which must be mailed to the US Census Bureau, PO Box 5240, Jeffersonville IN 47199).

On their website, the US Census Bureau tells us how important the American Community Survey is because it provides "...communities with a fresh look at how they are changing. It is a critical element in the Census Bureau's re-engineered decennial census program. The ACS collects and produces population and housing information every year instead of every ten years." Why? Because national elections are held every two years. When you need to create, say, 15 to 30 million new voters in areas where corrupt progressive congressmen and senators are probably going to lose their seats, you need tools in place to fabricate new, albeit, nonexistent voters to help them keep their seats. Sure does beat on having to rely on the Daley Dead.

An acquaintance in West Palm Beach, Florida told me when he went to vote in 2000, that he just missed voting with his Dad by about five minutes. The only problem is, his Dad had been dead for five years. When you create nonexistent voters through the Census, you create fictitious but bureaucratically-real people who don't exist but can legally register to vote. And, like most of the 35 million fraudulent votes cast in 2008, they can, and will, vote absentee ballots wherever the Democrats think their votes will be needed. Only, these fraudulent votes will be much harder to track and catch.



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