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What type of government does the United States have? A woman
theoretically asked Ben Franklin what type of government the
Founding Fathers gave us. He theoretically replied: "A Republic,
ma'm...if you can keep it." Ask 70% of the American people what
type of political system the United States possesses and they
will say, "A Democracy." The other 30%, knowing the form of
government that was created by the Founding Fathers will say,
"A Republic." At the turn of the last century, they would have
been correct. Today, that 30% would be wrong. They failed to
heed Franklin. They couldn't keep the Republic. They never tried.

"The People" have always been content to let someone else look out for the "best interests" of the nation. Ask them and they'll tell you that's why Congress exists. They will confidently tell you that the Constitution was created as the purveyor of freedom and the Supreme Court was created as the watchdog of liberty to make sure the laws Congress creates are within their constitutional purview. And, they believe it. But, they're wrong.

When they discover they don't like what they ended up with, they expect someone else to fix it. Sadly, in the past those they called upon to fix it were always the same people who screwed it up. In 1906 the JP Morgan-Rockefeller banking cabal manufactured a bank panic in the United States and kept it going long enough for the American people to cry "Uncle!" We ended up with the fraudulently ratified 16th and 17th Amendments and the JP Morgan-Rockefeller banking cartel ended up with their own privately owned central bank.

New Jersey Gov. Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the change agent hired by the bankers to con the United States into joining the League of Nations at the end of the first world war. Buried in Article Ten of the Treaty of Versailles, which detailed the terms of surrender for Germany, was the League of Nations charter. Within the League of Nations charter was a provision that required all signatory nations to surrender their sovereignty to the League of Nations. The US Senate refused to sign the Treaty of Versailles in 1920. The United States signed a separate peace treaty with Germany in 1924.

In 1926-28 the JP Morgan-Rockefeller banking cartel opened the money wellspring to working class investors who were using their milk money to buy stocks in order to gain a slice of prosperity. At the same time, as loose money expanded the US economy, bankers began to finance homes with down payments of 50%. In addition, the banking cartel pooled millions of dollars to let amateur investors buy stocks. In October, 1929, JP Morgan short sellers started the run on the market, driving down the value of stock, deliberately bankrupting the amateur investors and collapsing the economy.

Once again, the agents of change were the bankers who wanted to complete the transformation of the world they started to create in 1906. Their agent this time was Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1908 the bankers pushed Congress to enact constitutional resolutions to create the right to levy an income tax, and to remove the States from the equation of power in the federal government. When they succeeded in 1913, it dramatically changed our form of government from that of a republic to a democracy.

In addition to the 16th and 17th Amendments, Congress also attempted to send a constitutional amendment to the States to remove the nation from the gold standard. The resolution failed to clear Congress. Roosevelt would try, and fail, to do the same thing in 1933. When FDR's attempt was stymied by Sen. Carter Glass [D-VA], by a simple majority vote the New Deal Congress enacted the Gold Clause Joint Resolution (House Res. 192) of 1933 (31 USC 463) that allowed FDR to suspend the gold standard and "temporarily" abrogate the gold clause. That act was needed because FDR had already seized every ounce of gold possessed by the American people on March 9, 1933. The people would not be allowed to buy gold coins or bullion until 1974.

Over the next decade using his trite "national emergency" as an excuse to violate the Constitution, FDR transformed the American Republic into a socialist, oligarchic democracy that he ruled as a king. He created the unconstitutional 4th branch of government: a socialist bureaucracy that remains today as it was in 1936—communist.

In 2008, with the aid of the same bankers who backed both Wilson and Roosevelt, the money barons fabricated what illegal alien Kenyan-Indonesian Barack Hussein Obama campaigned on as a "financial crisis" caused by a sleight-of-hand promulgated by the Federal Reserve.

In the early fall of 2008 the Fed deliberately created a recession by issuing a directive that forced every mortgage bank in the United States to reappraise the value of the mortgages they held as collateral for the home loans they issued. The accounting procedure the Fed implemented was called "Mark to Market" that traditionally is used by the futures market. It forced every mortgage bank to reduce the value of the collateral they held to the current market value of the homes. This created the illusion on paper, that those banks were insolvent, when they were not. But, it created a semblance of reality out of Obama's financial crisis. The Fed Chairman and President George W. Bush's Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, convinced Bush that emergency legislation was needed to provide sufficient tax dollars to buy all of the troubled mortgages from the banks, give them to the Resolution Trust Company, and the financial crisis would be solved. Had the Treasury, the Bush-43 Administration and the bankers actually did what they promised, the crisis would have ended before it began and its very likely the bankers' puppet, Obama, would not be sitting in the White House.

TARP legislation was enacted to buy troubled bank assets. Some of the the money was given to GM and Chrysler. Obama plans to use the rest of it to create more government jobs. A second, and then third stimulus package was enacted. That money went to the JP Morgan-Rockefeller banking cartel which used the money to bolster their investments in the emerging nations. Today, the FDIC, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are telling the Obama Administration that by this time next year they will each need an additional $400 million to cover new foreclosures caused by Obama's Depression. Like FDR who blamed Herbert Hoover for his Depression, Obama is blaming his evolving Depression on Bush-43. In both cases, recessions were converted into Depressions by reckless spending and the concentration on growing government instead of the economy. Government does not create jobs. Jobs are created by small business owners in a free market economy.


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