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Sen. Orrin Hatch talks to Bill Hemmer on the healthcare plan Harry
Reid insists has to be passed before Christmas. Hemmer asks the
question. Hatch doesn't really have an answer other than 2010 is
an election year. The push is due to the fear that when the Ameri-
can people realize this bill isn't about healthcare, but absolute,
stranglehold grasp control of the American people there will be mass
demonstrations and possibly a new revolution. If they don't find out
until after the election, and the Democrats remain in control, it will be
too late for the American people to stop the transformation of this
nation into a totalitarian State with a dictator at the helm.

The Democrats fear that if the American people learn about the 70 new bureaucracies created by the Senate's latest healthcare plan, there will be a Tea Party rebellion in this country that will look more like Lexington and Concord than the Tea Party march on Washington on Sept. 12. Sen. Orrin Hatch is not advocating a 1775 Lexington-Concord, Massachusetts "rebellion," but increasingly, the American people are.

The American people are smart enough to know the Constitution of the United States does not empower the federal government to force Americans to purchase something they don't want anymore than it allows them to take over a US copration and fire its CEO. Few of them realize that the current Senate version of the healthcare enslavement bill allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make about 1700 personal decisions for you.

While the Democrats insist they would not dream of rationing healthcare to seniors, the Obama Health Board has already sent the guidelines to every doctor in the country, advising them whom they cannot treat under "Medicare" when the healthcare plan passes, or whom Medicare will deny if it fails to pass. In justifying socialized medicine, White House resident Barack Obama told a "rigged" audience of theoretical healthcare supporters (i.e., SEIU employees forced to attend) that a mandated healthcare plan is needed because private insurance companies have arbitrarily limited coverage. And because of that, national healthcare is needed. Interestingly, even before any plan was put on the table, Obama's health rationing board was created in HR-1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009; and as various healthcare proposals were being bounced around in the House and Senate (with the GOP versions bounced out the door), that board was planning the rationing of healthcare to the extent of denyng medical procedures and costly treatments to seniors based solely on the fact that they are old and it may not be profitable to treat them.



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