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The announcement on Friday morning, Oct. 8, 2009 that the undocumented alien living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with his citizen "anchor wife" and his citizen "anchor daughters" even took Obama stalwarts by surprise. Most people, when they heard it, initially thought it was a joke. It wasn't. Everyone—including his closest friends—are still trying to figure out what he did to deserve it. "The Nobel Committee said they awarded it to Obama for his extraordinary efforts in international diplomacy and cooperation between people," adding that Obama's extraordinary promises of disarmament and a new form of diplomacy were just too good to ignore." (Actually, they were just too good to be true.) God have mercy on our souls.

Don't these politicians have enough liars in their own governments, that they have to pay homage to our liars? Or, is it that an American liar—strike that—a Kenyan-Indonesian liar is somehow more believable than a Norwegian liar? The man who stole the office of the Presidency of the United States by claiming to have been born in Hawaii by virtue of the fact that he conned Gov. Linda Lingle [R-HI] to issue him a birth certificate on Nov. 6. 2007—without any evidence to contradict the proof which shows he was born in Kenya, or to contradict his step-father's claim that he surrendered his Kenyan birthright in Indonesia—Obama, Jr. is a consummate liar. In the real guessing game why he got it, I'd guess they him the prize for lying his way into the White House, If that's the real reason, I'd say the guy earned the medallion (but not the White House.) He conned every leftwinger in the counry who desperately wanted to believe in Santa Claus.

But, to suggest that Obama, who has done nothing except lie to the American people somehow merits it suggests the Nobel Prize Committee must be living on a different planet than the rest of us. Or the silver goblet of wine they drink when they slide out from under their silk and goose down comforters each morning is a lot more potent than the hooch in the mason jar that the growing homeless population in the United States guzzles when they climb out from under yesterday's New York Times each morning, expecting some passersby to deposit their breakfast—what's left of their half-eaten Egg McMuffin in the trash can by their park bench bed.

The five member Nobel Committee lauded what they said was a "...change in the global mood," and the prize was a show of confidence designed to support Obama's policies. His policies? Pure ten month old rotten tripe unless Obama simply wants to collapse the rest of the economy of the United States. He's crippled our monetary system so bad that not even the gold merchants have enough gold to restrain the upward spiral of the yellow stuff. Gold is reaching new highs almost daily. Last Thursday, gold hit $1,060.80 Expect it to keep rising as the US dollar seeks a branding agreement with Charmin as a novelty toilet paper. Yeah, I'd give Obama a Nobel Prize for that. Working with a complicit Henry Paulson and an even more complicit Timothy Geithner who share the blame for the Fed's "mark to market" rule that caused the very phony, completely artificial, Fed-created mortgage and credit card collapse by forcing banks to reduce the value of the collateral of all of their mortgage loans, and then declaring those banks to be insolvent.

Liberal commentators had fun laughing at conservative Rush Limbaugh who said Obama's receiving the Nobel Prize was a greater embarrassment to the United States than losing the Olympics. Not to belittle Rush, but I think Rio de Janeiro getting stuck with the Olympics is a good thing for America. Myself, since the Greeks thought up the Olympics eons ago, I think they should be stuck with the games permanently. That way, we could all spend our time thinking about more important things. Like keeping or find a new job, feeding our families and, most of all, getting rid of the thieves that now control Washington.

The liberal irony here is that from Jan. 20, 2009, the 5-member Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo had two weeks to studiously pore through the volumes of brilliant presidential things that Obama accomplished and conclude that this was the most deserving man in the world to receive this "extra" Nobel Prize for which there were no other worthy applicants..

Myself, I think I would have at least spent five or ten, or maybe even 15 minutes considering former President George W. Bush for arranging the first truly free elections in modern Iraq. Remember how proud the Iraqi citizens were, holding up their purple fingers to prove they voted—at the risk of their lives? And, if that reason wasn't good enough, maybe he should have gotten the Prize for not letting the White House employees jerk all the "O"s off the White House computers, or keeping them from writing profane messages on the walls of the West Wing as they left the building for the last time.

But, myself, I'd use that extra Nobel Prize and undo the shameful political theft committed by the Nobel Committee itself and give that Nobel Prize to the world's female Oskar SchindlerIrena Sendler—who was nominated for it on March 14, 2007. Sendler rescued over 2,500 Jewish babies from the Nazis, Instead, the politicians in the Nobel Committee gave it to Al Gore for his fabricated, phony global warming odyssey,

An Inconvenient Truth, in which styrofoam glaciers borrowed from the environmental doomsday Sci-fi film The Day After Tomorrow were used to suggest a larger part of the continental shelf had slid off into the Antarctic Ocean.

Today, with the end of Solar Cycle 24 which caused earth temperatures to rise about 0.05 degree centigrade is ebbing. Solar Cycle 25 appears ready to bring a mini-ice age sometime during its 11 year life span. That's why the global warming freaiks no loner talk about "global warming." They've all read the Farmers' Almanac, and they know what's coming. They have now injected a new phrase in the dialogue: "Climate change." Gore, the consummate liar, stole Irena Sendler's Nobel Peace Prize. It's time she got it back. Sadly for the world and her extended family of orphans, she died on May 12, 2008 at the age of 98.

So the recognition that Al Gore stole from her cannot be given back—even though Sendler still has almost 2,500 Jewish "children" around the world that she rescued from the Nazi death camps. Most of them have read the story of Irena Sendler and they know that when the Nazis tortured her for the names of the children and the Christian caretakers who were raising them, Sendler suffered almost ever bone in her body being broken for refusing to reveal the names of the children or their caretakers. For that reason, the executioner whose job it was, finally, to put her to death, rescued her himself, and got her to the Polish underground. Unable to move as she once could, Sendler remained active until the end of the war, saving babies.

If Barack Obama wants to win the hearts and minds of America, a wise man, who admits he's done nothing to mert the honor, would surrender his Prize back on the condition that the Committee hold a ceremony outside of Piawiak Prison in Poland where Sendler was tortured by the Gestapo. The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to her posthumously. Since even Obama acknowledges he's done nothing to earn it, it should go to someone who did. The Nobel Cmmittee, the White House, the Catholic Church and the State of Israel should invite dignitaries in a guest list that should contains every living member of Sendler's foster kids and their families. They have a right to witness the belated bestowing of the Nobel Peace Prize on Irena Sendlerowa. I know she earned it. And, had Al Gore lobbyists not pressured the Committee to rob an old woman of recognition she was rightly due, they could have hnonored Sendler while she was still alive.





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