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The US Chamber of Commerce is concerned about a new law
proposed by Congressmen Gary Ackerman [D-NY], Michael
Capuano [D-MA], Keith Ellison [D-MN], Barney Frank [DMA],
Alan Grayson [D-FL], Al Green [D-TX], Lois Gutierrez [D-IL],
Carolyn Maloney [D-NY], Brad Miller [D-NC], Brad Sherman [D-CA],
Jackie Speier [D-TX], Maxine Waters [D-CA], and Melvin Watt [D-NC].
The law, HR 3126, will establish the Consumer Financial Protection
Agency. It will dramatically expand the power of the federal govern-
ment to such a degree that the bill's primary sponsor, Barney Frank,
felt compelled to argue that the legislation goes too far. The law
forces all State financial and/or credit law to realign to federal statute.
But, in a bizarre legislative twist, it allows State Attorneys General to
appoint private contingency litigators to file suits against what appears
will be small business owners and seek damages for violation of HR
3126 for the States. The private attorneys will be paid a third of the
settlements as their fees. Like all of the laws being created by the radi-
cal communists now controlling this government, HR 3126

The American people need to understand that our Founding Fathers did not intend to create the intrusive monster called "big government." Nor did they believe the role of government was to provide everything for everyone at the expense of everyone else. They already had that and they were determined to get rid of it. In colonial America the people intended to create a more effective, much smaller, much less intrusive and much better form of government that honestly functioned as the unbiased agent of all of the people—not the Lord over them They already had that, too. The Founding Fathers, and the men who fought and shed their blood for liberty, understood the evils of big government and would not have shed an ounce of sweat let alone an ounce of blood to create another government like the one they were getting rid of.

An American tyrant is no different than a British tyrant. The best government is the one that governs least. But even more important, the best government is the one in which the least of us have an equal voice with the most powerful among us. That is what made America the greatest nation on Earth. Sadly, generations of wealthy bnut very greedy men who were born with historic silver spoons in their mouths were taught that not only were they are better than the rest of us, they were due everything we owned because right, we were their chattel. Their families used dynasty wealth to brible politicians to legislate laws that made them even more rich and more powerful as they stripped from us the liberty that would allow us to compete with them.

"Better government" is something we no longer possess. In fact, we no longer possess anything that even resembles "good government." Greedy politicians who allowed themselves to be bribed by the most evil, diabolical men in the world—the ruling elite—sold their souls and, with the legislative authority given to them by free men who mistakenly elected them to protect their Constitution, they surreptitiously blended the shackles of the Old World into the God-given liberty of America to dilute freedom into a bizarre form of retractable democracy oin what is rapidly becoming the New World Order.

The Central Government of the United States was created as a tool of the States, used only as a diplomatic devise to represent the States in the courts of the world and to provide the "glue" that held the union of States together in a seamless nation.

But, as greedy men grabbed power and learned they could manipulate the central government to work as their agent and not the agent of the people, men who should be in prison seized power and used that power against the people of the United States. Today, still another new threat to the small business owners and working class consumers in this country is unraveling its ugly tentacles in the form of HR 3126. HR 3126 gives government the power to eliminate your choices in the conduct of commerce while forcing you to use whatever limited choices they wish you to have. Barack Hussein Obama, a Kenyan-born, Indonesian-raised Islamic illegal alien who should never have been allowed to enter this country let alone participate in any State or national political race, has now decided to wage his own terrorist war against the people of the United States.

To serious students of history, what is unfolding today is a carbon copy of what transpired in 1912 John Pierpont Morgan financed New Jersey Gov. Thomas Woodrow Wilson who promised the money barons their own shiny, new centrail bank and the right to create our money supply from nothing. In 1929 when Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Andrew Mellon, Jay Gould, Sidney Dillion, Andrew Carnegie, Cyrus McCormick, and William Rockefeller financed New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt who promised the money barons what Wilson couldn't deliver—an elastic dollar divorced from the gold standard. And finally, Barack Hussein Obama—a man who has yet to prove he is a citizen of the United States, who—promised socialist George Soros who is fighting money baron David Rockefeller for the single spot at the top of the pinnacle of the pyramid of power, that he would help him destroy the free enterprise system and replace Rockefeller with Soros at the pinnacle of power.

The US Chamber of Commerce issued a warning about this latest threat to the people of the United States. It's called The Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act of 2009 which, if enacted, will create the most frightening apparatus heretofore dreamed up by the Obama Administration. This man absolutely must be stopped. Not in 2012, nor in 2010, but now...today or, at the latest, tomorrow. HR 3126 will create a massive new government agency designed by the new silver spoon-fed banking community to regulate all consumer financial products and how they are used. This bill will do extreme damage to the United States and, most particularly, to the people of the United States who will be controlled by this new power.

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency, created by HR 3126, will eliminate any choice you have in the types of financial services you get to utilize. Instead, bureaucrats in the increasingly powerful and completely unconstitutional fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy will decide what types—if any—financial services and products you can select, buy, own or sell.

Instead of being protected by this agency, as the agency's name implies, the act and the agency it creates, will restrict your access to credit and affordable financial products. The law will also add new layers of regulations that will cost businesses (which costs will be passed directly to you) billions of dollars in new assessments. For example, if you as a business owner allow your customers to pay with credit arranged by you, or use a layaway program in which the goods remain at the store while installments are made, or charge the consumer any type of payment plan in which more than one installment is made, your business will be assessed fees for providing "credit". To monitor these "banking" transactions by small businesses, this sweeping new government agency has the authority to demand that your bank or financial institution provide the Consumer Financial Protection Agency with all pertinent revenue stream records on how much, and in what amounts, your business deposits money into your business accounts and exactly how much money is in each of those accounts. The legislation actually weakens consumer protection by allowing the government to dictate what financial products you get to use by adding new layers of government bureaucracy into your business, by imposing new costs on consumers to avail themselves of consumer credit in any form, and on the business owners who offer that credit. Furthermore, the law threatens the privacy of all personal financial information by making it easier for those who have no right to it to gain access to it.

David Hirschmann noted that the Obama financial crisis (which the left has now spent 9 months blaming on the Bush-43 Administration) has pointed out the need for shine the light on all of the weaknesses and shortcomings of our outdated regulations. "Consumers," he said, "need clear disclosure and better information. They also need vigorous enforcement over predatory practices and other consumer fraud. There is no disagreement over whether consumers need better protection and whether consumers were the victims of the current financial crisis." Hirschman then said the US Chamber of Commerce opposes HR 3126 because "...we believe it/s the wrong wrong way...(that will have) "...unintended, harmful consequences for consumers, for the business community, and for the overall economy."


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