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Glenn Beck broke a video on his program that will make your
blood boil when you watch it. And, when you learn a little
about the "Jamestown Project" that instigated the brain-
washing of small children to idolize Obama as the savior of
America, you will be incensed. No, you need to be much more
than incensed. You need to be outraged. America went to Wash-
ington to voice their contempt for the far left government. While
we were there, we should have taken back the government because
the politicians who roost like cocks-of-the-walk think we blew our
wad on Sept. 12. Step two? Start the recall petitions. Let's remove
the thieves from office and jail them before they do what Hitler,
Stalin, Mao and Castro did by brainwashing our children to become
mindless puppets of the State. NOTE: when you listen to the video,
and can't make out the words, the lyrics are listed below. ADDITIONAL
NOTE: The orginal video was removed from YouTube due to "viola-
tions." I managed to find it under another URL and have reposted it.

On the right are the lyrics of the first song. They are pure socialism. The verbal deifying of Obama is beyond frightening. If the welfare class has any questions about whether the man in Oval Office plans to redistribute the wealth of the nation downward, they need only pay attention to the Soviet mantra of the song: "equal work means equal pay." While the mantra suggests no pay discrepancy between whites and minorities or between male and female, it says even more. It also says: "no work, no pay." Those who chose to ignore history are doomed to relive it. When Lenin and the Trotskyites overthrew the Russian monarchy, the peasant population quickly learned that the redistribution of wealth stopped before it reached them. The promised welfare system never materialized. In fact, the the peasants carried a bigger tax burden per capita than the communist middle class.

The organization behind the songfest at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, NJ was the Jamestown Project. The mastermind behind the socialist brainwashing of 5, 6 and 7 year olds was Charisse Carney-Nunes, senior Vice President (and the actual day-to-day operating head of the Jamestown Project). Carney-Nunes is a close friend and Harvard classmate of Barack Hussein Obama. Her children's book, "I An Barack Obama" attempts to redefine the American narrative for minorities by redefining democracy, citizenship, criminal justice, social justice, black culture, militarism and, of course, health care. Carney-Nunes is step one of the introduction of a complete set of Obama lesson plans in a trip down memory lane that is frightening reminiscent of Adolph Hitler's rise to power in Germany in the 1930s. Notice in the second video (appropriately on the left) the Obama logo. This video was done on Oct. 1, 2008.

The Jamestown Project is an African-American think tank based at Harvard whose role is to awaken principles of black democracy in minority Americans in order to advance new theories of political change for, and by, peoples of color. Major funding for the Jamestown Project comes from Obama financial mentor George Soros, the Ford Foundation and the Tides Foundation whose money flow is controlled by Theresa Heinz Kerry [wife of ultraliberal Sen. John Kerry [D-MA]. Heinz-Kerry's "go-fer" guy is the Foundation's president Drummond Pike who structured the organization for Heinz-Kerry at its inception because of the fear that if Heinz-Kerry got her hands dirty working with anti-American communist groups, it would impact her husband's US Senate career.

In the view of the leadership of the Jamestown Project, there is an innate hypocrisy in modern communications because, the far left believes, it's controlled by Caucasians. They are determined to transcend that in their search for "information equality," opting to make the Internet the primary mode of communications to spread their message of "hope" and "change."

When the indoctrination video was leaked to the Glenn Beck Program on Thursday, Sept. 24, the B. Bernice Young Elementary School was placed on lock-down after the principle of the school received death threats. The video set off a firestorm of protest from parents of the students of that school who said they were horrified that their children were being indoctrinated to view Obama like a cult figure. One parent, Jim Pronchik, told Fox News that his 8-year old son Jimmy Pronchik was one of the 18 students used in the video. Pronchik said, "We don't want to praise this guy like he's a god or an idol or a king or anything like that. That's a wrong message to be sending." What further angered Pronchik is that neither he nor his wife were informed about this "lesson," which the superintendent insisted was held in February during Black History Month. However, most of the reports I saw claim this particular video was shot around June 19, and not during Black History Month. I will say this: if this is what America's public schools were doing to our kids during Black History Month, then its time to do away with Black History Month. And, by the way—just where and when is White History Month?




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