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Irate senior citizen John C. Crawford cut his own YouTube tape
to set the record straight as he details precisely where the pro-
visions are in HR 3200 that will deny him, and every senior in
America, healthcare if Obamacare passes. In addition, Crawford
also reads the provision that makes it a crime from anyone in the
medical community to treat you after you have been denied life-
saving procedures and/or surgery by the Obama Healthcare Board.

John Crawford, like every American who has taken the time to actually read HR 3200, has learned precisely where in that piece of legislation that the quality of care you can expect under Obamacare will be rationed. But you are going to get one additional surprise that, to date, no one has mentioned. It's the same provision that was found in Hillary Clinton's 1993 Health Security Act when the Clinton's tried this same end run. What is it? It's the provision that says it will be against the law for any healthcare provider in the United States to perform any procedure on any citizen once that citizen has been denied the right to that procedure or surgery by the Obama Health Board (i.e, the Obama Death Board). (The Health Board is not found in HR 3200. It is found in HR 1, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, not America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. There is no way Obama's socialists would put the Death Board in the same piece of legislation with the provisions that ration and deny healthcare to the elderly or those with chronic, costly medical problems.) Sadly, millions of senior Americans who voted for "change" under Obama, will be slated for premature death as the nation begins to get a glimpse of the type of change Obama has in mind. Once you are rejected for a lifesaving medical procedure or for bypass surgery, or surgery for cancer, you will find that you will not even be able to use what's left of your life savings to pay for treatment outside of the government healthcare system because it will be against the law for anyone to treat you.

Why? Because the issue isn't so much how much you are costing the healthcare system as it is how much you are costing Social Security. President George W. Bush was correct in 2004 when he warned that Social Security was broke. Bush wanted to privatize Social Security to keep Congress from being able to seize the Trust Fund to finance their own pet projects. Former Vice President Gore, presidential candidate John Kerry and his perpetual sidekick, Teddy Kennedy, got on their soap boxes and decried Bush's attempt to steal Social Security for the fat cat bankers (who actually appear to be Obama's fat cat bankers). The far left, with their senior citizen mouthpiece, the AARP, called Bush a liar and insisted that Social Security was healthy and, while it may be necessary to raise the level of contributions, and possibly reduce benefits, the program was financially safe. Since they knew they planned to legalize between 25 and 40 million illegals and bring them into the taxpayer system by making them citizens, the left was confident that Social Security would not go bankrupt on their watch. And, taking the pressure off on the other end of the age corridor by encouraging the elderly to "do the right thing" would supply a failsafe patch until we get enough new workers in the tax system to make the trust fund solvent again.





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