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When the most liberal TV network in America allows one of its hosts
to raise concerns about Obamacare, we all need to be worried.

Stossel opens his report with a statement warning people that when the government is in charge of healthcare, you may not get the care you need to save your life. He flashes to Obama during the campaign, talking about healthcare for everyone. Stossel interviewed Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute who pointed out that the demand for healthcare in America greatly exceeds the government willingness to pay for it. Even if its given, there will be long waits for healthcare in the United States just as there is in Canada and Europe...with thousands of people dying as they wait for the care that the "change artist" in the White House promised. 20-20 then shows the long lines—lines so long they actually extend outside the clinics, dental offices, and hospitals—waiting not for the promised care, but simply to register for that promised care.

Under Obamacare not only will you not get the medical attention you need, you will find the same long lines to get the prescriptions you require to obtain the medications you need to stay alive long enough to see the doctor. You need to face the reality of the United States today. Former President George W. Bush actually tried to tell the American people, but nobody was listening. Medicare is broke. Social Security is broke. And there aren't enough taxpayers left in this country to fix it.

Obama will use government-controlled medicine not to provide healthcare, but as a tool to euthanize the elderly who are a drain on both Medicare and Social Security, or those with chronic illnesses or catastrophic personal or war injuries that result in physically disabled younger people going on Social Security. Watch this video. This presentation came not from the anti-Obamacare American people that Obama calls domestic terrorists for opposing socialized medicine, but from one of Obama's media allies. If you can't believe Obama's friends at ABC-TV talking about healthcare, who can you believe?

The Canadians are lobbying hard against Obamacare. Why? Because they know if Obamacare is enacted, they are going to die. Since they cannot get medical care in Canada, this is where they come when they need lifesaving surgery. If you need medical tests or surgery in Canada, you'd better pray you're a house pet. Most veterinarians can diagnose an injury or a disease and perform any needed surgery within 24 to 48 hours. Canadian people usually have to come here to save their own lives. What do they do when Obamacare becomes law? And, what do we do? Yes, I know. We find a good veterinarian.





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