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Former active duty Marine David William Hedrick spoke to Con-
gressman Brian Baird during the Congressman's healthcare town
hall in Washington State on Aug. 18. Like all of the Americans
speaking out against the attempt of the Obama Administration to
hijack liberty, Hedrick was not bused to the town hall meeting by
the RNC, nor was he a hired protester like those used by the Demo-
crats. He is a resident of Camas, Washington, a short distance from
where Baird was holding his town hall in Vancouver. Hedrick and
his wife came and, on his own, spoke his own mind.

Hedrick was one of 38 Clark County, Washington residents chosen at random to ask Congressman Brian Baird a question. Not expecting to be called, or allowed to speak at the town hall, Hedrick quickly scribbled a few talking points on a borrowed piece of paper with a borrowed pen after being picked. Speaking to Baird, Hedrick said: "I heard you tonight speak about educatining our children...indoctrinating our children..whatever you want to call it. Stay away from my kids!" (Applause and cheers from the audience.) "I also heard you say you were going to let us keep our healthcare insurance. Well, thank you! It's not your right to decide whether or not I keep my current health care plan...(---)...I've heard recently in the media that you and some other people on the national political stage have called us brown shirts because we..." (interrupted by Baird, who said he didn't, then said he apologized for his remarks) Hedrick went on to note that the Nazis under Hitler "...took over the finance, they took over the car industry, they took over healthcare in that country. Now what I want to know is," Hedrick said, "you've done a lot of things to violate your constitutional oath. As a marine, as a disabled veteran, that has served this country, I have kept my oath. Do you ever intend to keep yours?"

Baird is a six term Congressman in a jerrymandered 3rd Congressional District that makes it virtually impossible for a conservative to win in Clark County. Washington State has 9 congressional districts. Two of them consume roughly 60% of the State. Those who seats are held by Republicans. The remaining nine, which consume the western half of the State—and the bulk of the State's population—are held by liberals.

There are 6.6 million residents in the State, with almost a million of them migrating to Washington since 2000. About 12% of the State's population is over 65 years of age. Seniors voted for Obama in 2008. Their vote will go to whatever Republican runs against him in 2010. What is most interesting in Washington is how the State has been jerrymandered. The Columbia River appears to be the dividing line. There are 17 counties west of the Columbia. Six of the seven most densely populated counties are there. The 20 counties east of the Columbia are less densely populated. About 60% of the population is clustered in about 40% of the State. What that means is that the Democrats jerrymandered the congressional districts in such a way that those people east of the Columbia River should have 3 Congressmen to represent them, not two.

Clearly, the "one representative per every 30 thousand citizens" went out the window over a hundred years ago. But there's something wrong with the math when State legislatures can jerrymander congressional districts so that liberal districts average 560 thousand citizens each and each conservative district averages 1.3 million citizens. The voices of conservatives in Washington State are somewhat muffled since 7 liberals represent 60% of the population and 2 conservatives represent 40% of the population.

I have no idea what designated loser the GOP is planning to put up against Baird next year. I suspect the people of Washington—Democrats and Republicans—might support a Marine Corp. disabled veteran who has the guts to tell the politicians to keep their hands off his kids. With a little bit of help from Sarah Palin, I suspect Dave Hedrick could handily win the primary for the 3rd Congressional District, and with just a little financial help from the GOP Congressional Campaign Committee, Hedrick could knock of Brian Baird in the general election. Particularly if seniors in Clark County want to survive Obama's death board until good government can eliminate it. Hedrick might think about adopting a new slogan if he decides to challenge Baird on the GOP ticket: "Keep your hands off my parents!"





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