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MEP Daniel Hannan who has railed against globalism in Europe talks with Glenn Beck about the socialized medicine. Hannan said, in England the worst thing you can be is "elderly." The elderly simply don't get healthcare. It is denied to them because they have a terminal illness—old age. As Hannan told Beck, "if you get it, don't think you can come back and change it a couple of years later."

Under the Canadian or European healthcare system, you cannot supplement the State's health system by paying for treatment out of your own pocket. In England, the wait for cataract surgery (while you go blind) is 8 months. Need a hip replacement? The wait is at least 11 months. How about a knee replacement? A year. (And, that's assuming you're aren't old and the system feels it won't be cost productive to pay for further treatments for you.) If you get prostate cancer in the United States, your 5-year survival rate is 100%. In Canada, the system Hillary Clinton touted as the best healthcare system in the world, the prostate cancer survival rate is 95%. But in England, where Hannan sits in Parliament, the 5-year survival rate for prostate cancer is only 77%. And, that of course, is assuming you aren't one of the terminally-old people who most commonly get prostate cancer. Because you won't be having surgery. It is important to understand that the government is concerned about cutting the Social Security debtload as it trims costs from Medicare and whatever universal healthcare system they can force on America. Since seniors are fast becoming the largest block in the nation, it will very quickly become an imperative to dramatically reduce the government's Social Security payment liability before the system collapses and brings down the money barons' entire economic house of cards.

It must be noted that the money barons, the transnational industrialists, and the members of Congress will not be obligated to partake in Obamacare. They will be able to maintain the private insurance options they currently use even though the rest of us will be forced into the public system one year from the commencement of Obamacare when our group plans renew (as they once a year when your employer re-negotiates your healthcare plan).





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