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Arlen Specter should be listening to the people at his
town halls. He might still have a job next year if he does.
Well, that's a long stretch since not even the Democrats
want him. At his first town hall, a woman told him that a
government that can't manage a cash for clunkers pro-
gram can't manage the healthcare system. In the Aug. 11
town hall, Katy Abram told Specter that Congress has
awakened a sleeping giant. Abram told Specter "...this isn't
about healthcare, its about the systematic dismantling of
this country." When Specter told her he "...governed by
the Constitution," she told Hannity, "that was a bold faced
lie." To Specter, she said, "George Washington is rolling
over in his grave right now."

When she was interviewed by Sean Hannity, she told him that "...today was a rollercoaster day. But, when you start getting phone calls on your cell phone from people that are calling you a racist, it is...it's...it ticked me off. I don't deserve that. I [was] just speaking my mind. I went there to talk to Arlen Specter and tell him what I thought. I don't need people calling me and...uh...voicing their opinions—they're cowards." The question that begs an answer is, where did that person, whom Abram did not know, get her cell phone number? Think about it for a minute. And, then ask yourself, who in government has access to every phone number in America? Answer: anyone in government interested in exploiting it. When she spoke to Hannity a few hours after the town hall, Abram had received only one negative call on her cell phone. The caller told her she was a racist for daring to speak out on the healthcare plan proposed by a black Indonesian/Kenyan. To the left, speaking out on political issues fostered by a black man is, by a magical leap, racism.

By the 13th when she spoke to Glenn Beck, Abram had received several calls on her cell phone. In addition, people were calling and emailing her through her dad's office. In her email to Beck she said: "...I have lost seven pounds in the last two days. I have barely eaten. My head hurts...My daughter Madelyn asked me on the phone last night who the sleeping giant was...I'll tell you. The sleeping giant consists of those of us who have buried our heads in the sand for years. We know what we believe [but if we voice] our opinions publicly, we are chastised and called hate mongers, or racist, even when those lies are unfounded. We are the people you don't see in the news. We are the people who love this country...but feel powerless to do anything...We are the people who are finally taking a stand...The giant is finally awake. he is ready to fight for this country, his freedom and his liberty."

To the far left, the Katy Abrams and everyone else with the guts to stand up against political tyranny, shouting from the rooftops, "Count me in this fight!" are Nazis, fascists, brown shirts, racists, and rent-a-protestors dressed in lime and pink and Brooks Brother suits. Why does the left level those allegations that the crowds protesting healthcare are party shills bused in from out-of-town, or locals, paid to protest?

Because that's how the left has always filled their town halls. The local unions either force union members to attend, or they pay unemployed people to attend to "rah-rah" speakfests expounding the left's agenda. During the Clinton years, Bill Clinton used to force federal employees (who were on the clock) to attend his political rallies. When Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee held her Houston, TX town hall, a Democratic shill stood up, claiming to be a primary care physician (identified as Dr. Roxana Meyer), and praised Obama's healthcare plan as "...overhauling a broken system."

Jackson-Lee hugged the doctor, told the audience to give her a round of applause, and asked Meyer how long she had been practicing. Meyer replied, "Four years." That, of course, was not exactly true since Meyer has never practiced medicine. She wasn't even a doctor. She was a shill. A few months ago she was an Obama campaign delegate. Meyers was a paid attendee. So was the unnamed woman in the seat next to her. She was recognized by the Houston Chronicle which had photographed her when she was an Obama campaign worker. She was hanging a Che Guevara Cuban revolutionary flag above her desk. That's why the left does not believe the conservatives attending the town halls are, as Abram said, the recently awaken sleeping giants. Since the Democrats use Nazis, fascists, brown shirts and rent-a-protesters, they just assumed everyone else did, too.





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