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Obama makes sure he has a safe audience of cheering liberals for his photo ops. In this White House rebuttal to the 100 million angry Americans, who is Obama trying to convince? The 100 million Americans, or 535 Congressmen and Senators who aren't going to get reelected if they vote (or voted) for Obama's Healthcare plan that contains a death pill for the seniors of America who helped crown King Obama last November.

Obama started by saying they (the Democrats) had a lot of work to do, adding that "...I don't mind being responsible. I expect to be held responsible...for these issues because I'm the (---). But (cheering idiots in the background) I don't want the folks who created the mess..." (the Republicans) "...to do a lot of talking. I want them to just get out of the way so we can clean up the mess." Obama is using the same ploy as FDR by continually blaming Hoover for a recession that ended in 1930 as FDR's socialist policies creating a decade-long depression. Obama's socialist tinkering is already doing the same thing.

Obama's financial crisis could have been solved in days with the only "stimulus" spending contained in the legislation Bush-43 enacted. That was buying up the subprime mortgage assets from the banks and letting the Resolution Trust Co. to manage and dispose of those mortgages. That and eliminating the Fed mandated "mark to market" rule on the appraisals of mortgage collateral held by the nation's commercial banks. "Mark to market" required the banks to reduce the value of the assets held as collateral on their mortgage loans and negatively impacting the banks' asset to debt ratios. This made solvent banks appear to be insolvent. Obama's Treasury Secretary and/or the Federal Reserve bankers force dozens of State banks into bankruptcy, closing them or forcing them to be sold to the cartel banks.

When Congress recessed and Congressmen and Senators went to their home States and/or congressional districts to sell their constituents on Canadian-style socialized medicine (where you get to wait weeks, months or years for treatment), every health care town hall was besieged by very angry, very nonpartisan hordes of taxpayer/voters venting their frustration, and demanding that Congress abandon this communist scheme. It was that atmosphere—homegrown anger, not manufactured anger from well-funded political advocacy groups or, as Obama suggested, that the protests were orchestrated by the Republican Party itself who was still angry because they lost the Senate in 2006 and the rest of the government in 2008.

Sadly the left thinks when they win an election it means they have to right to govern unilaterally, and only the voice of the Marxists, the racial and cultural minorities need be heard since they won the vote.




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