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Obama's stumping to convince people that he has no intention of attempting to replace private insurance. He's lying. Obama's "public option," will outlaw private health insurance within 5 years. But expect even more really bad stuff in this legislation.

As word of what will be mandated in the Obama single payer healthcare system (that will do anything but provide affordable, quality healthcare), leaked out, Obama began stumping to convince gullible people that enacting the failed single payer Canadian system in the United States will give them better healthcare. (That's why the Canadians, who are still stuck with their government-funded plan even though the Canadian Supreme Court ordered them to dismantle it because too many are dying waiting for the healthcare promised by their government, are lobbying hard in the United States to keep it from happening here. Why? Because this is the only place they can come to save their own lives when they get sick.)

In this video Obama argues that he has no intention of eliminating private healthcare options. The America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (which actually eliminates all choices on the first day of the year that the legislation becomes law) lets employees keep their private group plans as long as they remain with that employer. If they are laid off, fired, or quit, they cannot purchase any form of private insurance from that point on. They are obligated (no choice on their part—and a stiff fine if they refuse) to go into the government's single payer system. Your healthcard, which you will be required by law to carry at all times, will contain a personal GPS tracking chip.

The US experimented with what was initially called the Health Passport System using a biometric "smart card" during the test period. To keep this program off the radar screen and out of view of government watchdog groups, the program was entirely funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which has contributed handsomely over the years to minority healthcare programs. The experimental minority welfare program, using what was called the Health Passport card (actual card, shown above) took place in five western States in the summer of 1997.

The GPS tracking chip allowed healthcare authorities to physically track the whereabouts of the cardholders, and track them the Department of Health & Human Services did for the better part of two years. Since the poorest Americans are the most transient, the tracking card provided DHHS with the migratory pattern of the card holders. In the summer of 1999 the DHHS had a follow-up conference in Denver to report on the progress of the test. It was a huge success.

As senior level Clinton Administration healthcare officials and healthcare industry executives watched big screen TVs that were strategically positioned throughout the room, they were amazed to see a thousand points of light appear on the screens. Each speck of light, they were told, represented one cardholder. Each speck, they were told, was being tracked by GPS. The televisions zoomed in from the five-State map to one State, then one county, one community, one street, and finally, one cardholder. Under this program the DHHS told the attendees, the government now had the ability to track each welfare recipient wherever they moved—to make certain that their children were receiving whatever vaccinations they required whenever they were needed.

George Orwell's Big Brother had finally arrived, a quarter century late. (Click on that link for the whole National ID story from 2002.)






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