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A Defense Dept. official told Fox News that the Air Force denied a standing 42-year request for the annual "God & Country Rally" in Nampa, Idaho for an Air Force flyover because it "violates Pentagon policy." Every president since 1969 has approved the flyover.

The Idaho community has secured permission from the Pentagon for an Air Force flyover of their annual patriotic 4th of July rally, The God & Country Family Festival in Nampa, Idaho, to honor the men and women of the military since Richard Nixon was the commander-in-chief of the military. That tradition ended this year when a Pentagon official emailed event board member Patti Syme informing her that the Pentagon prohibited support of special interest groups. Syme called the official for an explanation, since even the most liberal commander-in-chief until Obama, Jimmy Carter, approved the flyover. The official said: "We looked at your website, and everything on it seemed to focus on Christianity, ministry booth. In fact, ma'm, it sounds like it focuses on Christianity. It would great to go to, in fact, if I personally could could, I would. But we can't endorse such an endeavor. So they can't do the flyover."

When Fox News called the Pentagon, USAF spokesman Tech.Sgt. Roy Uley said the Air Force denied the request because it violates a Pentagon policy against supporting events "...that provide a selective benefit to any individual, group or organization, including any religious or sectarian organization, ideological movement, political campaign or organization, or commercial enterprise, to include a shopping mall or motion picture promotion." The official then stated that the Air Force made the decision on its own without either the Secretary of Defense nor Resident Obama weighing in directly. Which, of course, is just so much who-shot-John. No military bureaucrat is going to risk his career making a decision that is going negatively impact the Secretary of Defense or the military's civilian commander-in-chief without the consent of the Secretary and the civilian commander-in-chief. And, since Secretary Robert M. Gates approved the flyover last year as Bush's Defense Secretary, we know the decision was made at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

ABC News reporter Jake Tapper was right. Obama's Muslim roots are beginning to show.




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