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Morris predicts that Pelosi will be forced out of the Speakership

Former GOP turned Democratic strategist who stained his reputation by becoming the strategist that helped the Clintons win reelection in 1996, believes in the war between former White House Chief of Staff turned CIA Director Leon Panetta and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Panetta becomes the hands-down winner. Since Pelosi was "outed" by Panetta who produced documents to show that Pelosi lied when she said she did not know that waterboarding of terrorists was being done.

Sadly, the far left, which wants to deny US citizens of the protection of the Bill of Rights, is quick to provide its umbrella of protection to terrorists and extremists around the world who want only to kill us.

The Constitution of the United States was designed not to protect our enemies in distant lands or those who illegally sneak into our country to kill us while we sleep. It was written for, and designed to protect, "We the people of the United States." The preamble ends by stating that we, the people, of the United States established the Constitution (and with it, the Bill of Rights) for the United States of America. Not for everyone everywhere else in the world. For the citizens of the United States because in this country, and this country only, we the people are the government. People who visit here are not "the People." They are not the government of this land by virtue of possessing the right to vote—and the right to impeach.

We didn't establish the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for terrorists in the Muslim world. Nor for communists in the Soviet Union or for China. Nor for North Korea. We are not afforded the umbrella of protection of the US Constitution when we visit any other country in the world. In fact, the people and the governments of most of those lands—including our closest ally, England—have argued that the United States Constitution should be repealed and replaced with the UN Covenant on Human Rights because US citizens should not be afforded rights no other people in the world possess. They believe the UN Covenant on Human Rights provides all the protection the people in the United States need, and thus, those with no legal claim to citizenship or residency here should only be afforded the blanket of protection afforded them by the UN Covenant on Human Rights. if they wish to be protected by the US Bill of Rights, let them do what our ancestors did—apply for citizenship and pay taxes. That way they can find out what it really feels like to be an American. Taxed to death.



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