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If you are 60-plus years of age the five videos below—funded by
Rick Scott and Conservatives for Patient Rights—will not only
save your life...they will prolong your life. Watch them in the
sequence they are set up. Pay attention to what they are saying,
and then forward this link to everyone on your mail list, and ask
your friends to do the same. In the $789 billion stimulus bill, the far
left buried a provision, Sec. 803, the Federal Coordinating Council
for Comparative Effectiveness Research.
It is not the harmless bureau-
cratic board it appears to be. It is the first step in creating a frightening,
totalitarian form of socialized medicine. Why? Because this board has
been commissioned to lay out the guidelines for denying medical care to
the elderly when certain criteria are met. What criteria? First on the list of
justified reasons for denying costly medical procedures? Does the
patient have a terminal illness?
Among the "conditions" deemed to be
"terminal" is one you may recognize as a pre-existing condition you
already have. It's called old age.

The CPR is pushing for reform that reforms the private healthcare system not replaces it with either the failed Canadian or European system in which cost-savings and control are the paramount concern of the medical bureaucracy and patient care is the least of their worry. With every doctor working a salaried 35-hour week with no overtime available, patients—even those facing critical if not terminal illnesses—are stacked like cordwood waiting for a medical profession to see, and diagnose, them. Thousands of Canadians and Brits die while waiting for healthcare. That is the reality of soft medical totalitarianism. Listen to the video. Listen to Canadian and British doctors talk about what happens to their patients...

As Congress passed over $1.4 trillion in stimulus spending bills from Sept. 2008 to Jan., 2009, they professed to be shocked when the media began listing the pork projects. Least of which was the $5 billion designated as an Obama-payoff to ACORN for letting him elected (that was quickly reduced to a paltry billion) when it was revealed. Scores of House and Senate Democrats were embarrassed when they finally confessed that no one had read the legislation they were passing. The same is true about Obama's healthcare plan which he proudly affirms was cloned from the world's best healthcare system—that of the United Kingdom. That's why so many Europeans flock to London for medical care. Oops...its the other way around. That's why so many Londoners go outside of England for healthcare.

Obama wants to spend—he says—about $634 billion to implement a national medical care system. It's pretty much the same system Hillary Clinton tried to legislate in 1993. This new system theoretically provides even more than Hillary's failed Health Security Act of 1993. Congress estimated the start-up cost of her plan at $1.5 trillion. I'm fairly sure that medical costs—and costs in general—have not declined in the last 17 years. Do you think there might be something wrong with Demo-math? The only part they seem to get right are the new taxes which will total $1.7 trillion in 2010-11. You didn't think all these good healthcare benefits were going to be free, did you? At least, not free to you. But, like the empty promises you always get from the far left, this one gives you nothing and leaves you with an empty feeling when you pick up what's left of your paycheck. If you still have one.

And through all of the bipartisan legislating promised by Obama when he was running for office, the speech on the floor of the House makes it clear what happened in 2006 when the far right sat out the midterm election of 2006 in protest of the Bush-43 Administration. The American people—all of the American people—are paying for their misguided action today. Sadly, this speech, below, was one of the more civil moments. When the left affirms their super majority in the Senate, they will have a filibuster-proof Congress and without ever speaking another word to any Republican, will be able to enact any piece of legislation the Obama people want enacted into law. Even if it violates the Constitution.

Sadly, you will note that as Congressman Michael Burgess [R-TX] got to address his grievanace that the House did not listen to the GOP membership's arguments about the legislation, he was forced to speak to any empty chamber. The Democrats simply did not have the time, nor the inclination, to listen to what the Republicans had to say. This was the only way Burgess could get his remarks entered into the Congressional record. America is experiencing the worst examples of one-party rule...and they weren't paying attention—and they didn't care enough themselvs to demand that their representatives be heard for a full chamber. At least, that way the Democrats can understand why it is they are going to be voted out of office next year.

When they reach 70 years of age, the former taxpayers of the United States are usually living on Social Security and whatever pension they've managed to get. Generally, since they are no longer paying taxes, they now construed to be non-productive members of society and a financial drain on the national community. Such a person, in need of any life-saving medical procedure will likely discover that the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research will deny that procedure as impractical due to the terminal illness from which the patient is suffering—old age.

You, of course, will suddenly realize that society has discarded you as not worth saving. You're going to get mad first, then frightened. You're going to ask how such a thing could happen in America. Now you know. You let it happen. Now you know the price of apathy.






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