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The Obama Homeland Security agency, fearful of all
conservatives, issues extremist warning about right
wing radicals...including just discharged veterans

A report just released by DHS Secretary and former Democratic Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano in which is branded all US citizens who are concerned about losing their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms, or those citizens concerned about border security, falls under DHS's definition of "extremist." Talk show guru Rush Limbaugh rightly branded the DHS report as an effort on the part of the Obama Administration to criminalize political dissent—standard, everyday, ordinary, political dissent. The DHS (very likely prepared for Napolitano by the Southern Poverty Center which was used by the Clinton Administration to fan the fires of fear after "rightwing extremist" Obama's people believe right wing "extremists" (i.e., taxpayers tired of bailing out the rich) could exploit fears about the economic downturn, gun control and the election of an African American to the White House. America's problem with the 2008 election is not over the question of whether or not the voters elected an African American to the White House, but whether or not the voters unknowingly elected a Kenyan citizen who cannot constitutionally serve as President only because Congress and the courts deliberately shrank from their constitutional duty to vet Obama before putting his name on the ballot. The 1st Amendment requires the Supreme Court of the United States to fully address the grievances of the voters of the United States. The federal court is obligated to force Obama produce a long-form, hospital-issued birth certificate filled out on Aug. 4, 1961 and signed by the attending physician who delivered Barack Obama in answer to countless petitions filed in the courts by American citizens who have been irrepairably harmed by Obama since Jan. 20, 2009.

The Napolitano Report further states that groups dedicated to a single issue, like abortion. gun rights or opposition ot immigration may fall within the definition of of extremists. (And, of course, groups determined to destroy the Constitution of the United States or groups determined to destroy the economic infrastucture of this nation, and surrender this nation to the control of the European Union, are not extremists because those extremists now control the White House and Congress.) The report further ties veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan into the cluster, claiming they are fodder for recruitment as they are exploited by right wing radicals to take advantage of their military experience.




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