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Daniel Hannan, MEP from England.

As our far left 111th Democratic Congress and the Obama White House warn the American people that the $3.6 trillion they have thus far wrested from the pockets of our children, our grandchildren and our great, great grandchildren to fund the global economic expansion of the rich is not enough.

The barons of banking, the lords of industry and the merchant princes of Main Street who have been determined to create a new, more profitable consumer base for their wares over the past four decades have moved too fast and made far too many financial commitments that they can't afford. But rather than scale back their grandiose plans, they are leveraging politicians all over the world to fund the emerging global economy.

The globalists among us believe the middle class of the industrialized nations has a moral obligation to surrender their own affluence, saddle themselves with multiple trillions of dollars of debt and put themselves in the poor house to fund the industrialization of the third world. As Hannan notes in his speech before the European Union, England has "...run out of...money. The country as a whole is now in negative equity..." Sound familiar? "...Every British child is born owing around £20,000. Servicing the interest on that debt is going to cost more than educating the children. Today," he told Prime Minister Gordon Brown, "you talk about spreading the blame around. You spoke about an international recession, an international crisis. Well, it is true that we are all failing together in the squall. But not every vessel in the convoy is in the same dilapidated condition. Other ships use the good years to caulk their hulls and clear their rigging. You know—the words to pay off their debt. But you use the good years to raise more borrowing yet further. As a consequence, under your captaincy, our hull is pressed deep in the water under the water line, lying under the accumulated weight of your debt. We are now running a deficit that touches 10% of GDP..."

Sound familiar? Every industrialized nation in the world is facing this same dilemma as their governments, pressured by the money mafia, are robbing the wealth of their citizens to fund the utopian pipe dreams of the greediest, most powerful men in the world.



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