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The Bush-41 Reagan Presidential Debate

On Jan. 21, 1980 as the Council on Foreign Relations pushed their candidate, former Ambassador George H.W. Bush won the Iowa Caucus, beating California Gov. Ronald Reagan. Bush claimed he had the momentum to win, but stumbled in New Hampshire on Feb. 26. Bush beat Reagan in leftwing Massachusetts and Connecticut, and the union States of Pennsylvania and Michigan. The April 24th presidential debate was the pivot point in the GOP race in 1980. The liberal media tried to entice former President Gerald Ford to enter the race as Reagan pulled ahead of Bush, convincing him that the American people would never vote for a true conservative. To prove it, a CBS-New York Times poll was cast, showing that in a Reagan-Ford race for the nomination, Ford would take 57% of the vote, and Reagan would pull only 27%. Additional polling data suggested that Ford would then beat President Jimmy Carter 47% to 43% in the general election. In the Election of 1980, George H.W. Bush was to be the "designated loser." Had Gerald Ford entered the race, its a safe bet that additional conservatives would have been inserted into the primaries to drain votes from Reagan in order to assure that Ford would win the nomination, and go on to lose against Carter in November, 1980.

The compelling argument Reagan laid out to the American people in this debate assured his victory. Reagan grabbed the hearts and minds of the viewers when he disputed Bush's voodoo economics and reminded the people that all four times that previous presidents had cut taxes the amount of money going into the US Treasury actually increased. His explanation of Carter's economic policies is important because it parallels exactly what Barack Obama is doing today. Fighting inflation by adding millions of working class citizens to the welfare rolls only leads to double digit inflation, a collapsing economy and economic devastation.

This is what the American people face under the community activist who now resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. Sadly, Barack Obama is even less qualified to sit in the Oval Office than the peanut farmer from Georgia.



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