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If the Onion satire was not more frighteningly true than fiction, it
would be humorous. The Onion picks on the fears of the American
people and dresses those fears up in fiction. But, it makes those
fears no less true. But, it also gives us a fairly accurate glimpse of
the American people who have known for years that electronic
voting machines are, and have been since their inception, used by
the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business to
steal the elections they know they can't otherwise win.

Most Americans believe electronic voting machines are more secure and more reliable than any other type of voting apparatus—particularly the human machine. They have been conditioned to believe a fairy tales about voting. You can't trust the voter with a paper ballot and a #2 pencil to vote his ballot correctly. Fifty percent of the time, they will accidentally vote for the wrong person. The elitist societal planners feel an obligation to erase the mistakes that uninformed voters make by voting for the wrong person, and they are determined to fix those mistakes before the ballots are counted.

If you remember the chad dance in Florida, the Gore Campaign illegally challenged the votes in three counties they won—not lost. By law, you can't challenge the votes in counties you won, only those in which you lost. Those counties were challenged because the Gore Campaign controlled the voting precincts and believed they could eke out enough additional votes to win the State and with it, the electoral votes needed to steal the Election of 2000. In Florida, the left argued, the punch ballots failed to firmly identify voter intent when the voter changed his or her mind in the voting booth; and those counting were thus obligated to determine who the voter actually intended to vote for. Clearly, there is only one voting system that is flawless—the paper ballot. One vote, one ballot, one #2 pencil—and only one person deciding who he or she is voting for.

South Carolina, by the way, uses electronic voting machines. Aiding vote theft, eleven States will shortly allow voters to register to vote online. Among them are Arizona, California, Ohio, Texas and Illinois. Wow—paperless registration. Paperless voting. No paper trail. How long will it be before we are voting online, or through our iPad or Android cell phone? Like the electronic voting machine, no paper trail. When will voting by your personal computer (or the computer at the public library), or through burn phones, be legalized?

In one of the small video clips below, on Sept. 26, 2011, InfoWars host Alex Jones noted for the umpteenth time that electronic voting machines can, and regularly are, hacked by those wanting to manipulate the outcome of the election. On that date, Jones cited a new report said that "...Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control..."

There are more than 100 videos on the Internet depicting the ease at which election fraud is being committed in this country. Four of them are displayed here. Please, watch all of them. The Onion parody is more truth the fiction. Election fraud fraud is a threat to our national security that we can no longer ignore. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have been saddled with $16.4 trillion in bad debt because the American people think it's someone else's job to ferret out election fraud and/or vote fraud and do something about it. It's our job!

How do we do it? This election year, we need to fire every Congressman and Senator, and impeach every federal or State judge who suggests, or has ever suggested from the bench, that asking people to prove they have a right to vote is a form of racism or discrimination. Asking people to prove who they are before you hand them a ballot protects the votes cast by every American who, by birth or naturalization, has the constitutional right to pick our municipal, county, State or federal leaders.

Only those favoring election fraud will attempt to create devises, or protect such devises, designed to allow those who do not possess the right to vote in this country the means to cast such votes in a manner that cannot be challenged by those who demand an honest election.

Alex Jones noted in that the Internet magazine Salon reported that electronic voting machines are now being hacked with what amounts to a $10 piece of equipment. If the hacker has access to a Diebold voting machine for about one minute, and possesses a rudimentary knowledge of electronic, the hacker can remotely reprogram the voting machine to produce whatever election outcome the hacker wants. In the last of the four sub-videos, Lou Dobbs raises the same issues of security in a 2008 video (before the social progressives stole 35,626,580 votes and won the Election of 2008 with what amounts to 33,830,317 legitimate votes against Sen. John McCain's 56 plus million votes.) (If you have never read the 2009 article I wrote entitled "Forgot the past? Here's the future," take the time to read it now. It is a primer on how to steal an election.

Bill Clinton eked out a modest win against Bob Dole in 1996 by stealing about 5 million votes through the 1993 Motor Voter Law (which was rammed through Congress by the Democratically-controlled House and Senate) together with the advent of Direct-Recording Electronic [DRE] voting machines which went into use that year. In 1996, 7.7% of US voters cast their ballots electronically on a DRE unit. In 2004, 28.9% of the voters cast their votes on a DRE. The two most popular DREs are the Diebold AccuVote-TS and the Nedap ES3B—both of which have been demonstrated to be easily hacked and their tally streams manipulated. Also, Optical Scan voting machines have also been hacked. There are no audit trails from any DRE.

In her Ph.D dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Rebecca Mercuri hypothesized the creation of what she called the Voter Verified Paper Audit Tail [VVPAT]. The VVPAT prints a paper ballot of the screen of the DRE. The voter punches a key to indicate that is who he or she voted for, and the vote is complete. The paper image is theoretically stored for retrieval in the event the votes on that machine are challenged. However, to date, no one has challenged the results of any DRE using the Mercuri Method. Why? Because every believes what you see is what you get. No one knows if the corresponding computer tally for their vote actually matched, or did not match, what they saw on screen. It's the perfect shell game in which the gamer (the DRE] always wins by making the sucker believe the pea is always under the right walnut shell.

If you want an honest election, demand a paper ballot, a #2 pencil and a paper count. It's going to ruin the evening for the mainstream media, but if we have to wait 24 hours to find out who won, at least at the end of that time, we'll know the candidate who won actually won based on the will of the voters and not the whim of the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business. Oh, and by the way. Lock up every precinct worker who allows anyone to vote who does not produce a State-issued photo ID to prove they are a valid registered voter. If that isn't election fraud, it should be. The vote is too sacred to let anyone who is not a citizen of the United States have it—or abuse it.


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