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The threat to our way of life

There was an unarmed revolution in the United States last November but the media chose to ignore it. Conservative America rebelled against an incumbent Republican president by sitting out the midterm election and deliberately allowing control of the US House and Senate to fall into the hands of Democrats who traditionally abuse liberty under the guise of providing the working class more "democracy."

The media chose to ignore the voter revolution because the media wanted to ignore the issue that caused the defection—Bush's illegal alien amnesty program and Bush's steadfast refusal to secure the US borders in violation to his oath of office. (And that's why the conservatives who supported him in 2000 and 2004 want to impeach him in 2007.) Not content with just alienating his constituents, Bush now appears to be trying to tick-off everyone else as well. Bush could easily go down in history as the first President impeached by his own party. (You might think that distinction belongs to President Andrew Johnson who was impeached—and almost removed—by the Jacobin Republicans. Few people realize that Republican Lincoln had a Democrat vice president.)

The Bush-43 Administration's announcement last week that it plans to offer sanctuary to about 7,000 Iraqis was greeted with trepidation and stunned bewilderment from people who are now wondering just when it was that the President lost the rest of his marbles. This is about as stupid as Bill Clinton and Bush-43 holding open the front door of America to thousands of Islamic "students"—many of whom vanished into the landscape of Americana before they ever checked into their dorms. Thousands of these students are still "missing." Yet thousands more are allowed into the country every year.

And, even though 19 of those Muslims—here on student visas—hijacked four jet airliners on September 11, 2001, Bush kept the doorway of the nation wide open. Bush also took the bullets out of the guns of the National Guard troops he was forced, by the people, to place on the border. Now, on the request of the Mexican government which is complaining that illegals don't want to come to the United States under fear of being shot by US Border Patrol agents, the US government—on orders from the White House—is intimidating the law enforcement officers who risk their lives to keep the bad guys out of our country, making border town cops afraid to do the job they were hired to do.

Have we, as a nation, become so politically-correct that we've lost all common sense? In a word: yes. The national common sense of America was surrendered to far left, liberal academicians whose university-tenure is financed by the utopian, transnational foundations behind the New World Order. Common sense was surrendered for the politically-correct nonsense that makes airport screeners who are supposed to be looking for Islamic terrorists strip-search blue-haired white grandmothers. The far left now argues that illegal aliens have the moral prerogative to steal into our country in the middle of the night because everyone should have the right to the quality of life our sweat equity investment in this country provided us.

And, of course, they are also the harbingers of the global-warming nonsense that emissions from factories in third world countries won't pollute the atmosphere in the same way American factories do. Thus sending US factories from your community to the third world protects the global environment. And, allowing the illegals that are flooding into this country to low-ball what jobs remain behind in the United States will make what factories are left here more competitive in the merging global marketplace.

All of this is pure, unadulterated myths from the Overlords of Utopia. Limiting carbon dioxide emissions is a ruse used by the transnationalist industrialists and oil barons who financed the environmentalist movement as a tool to redistribute the wealth of the industrialized nations by suggesting that global warming can be eliminated by transferring the economic wealth of the industrialized world to the emerging nations.

The transnationalists are shifting the job base of the world to the human-capital rich but impoverished third world that needs our jobs to become tomorrow's core consumers. Ultimately this will leave the United States bankrupt and vulnerable, stripped of the factories that supplied all of our allies in two world wars and made us the world's greatest superpower. Our workforce will become slaves to the utopian taskmasters who are reshaping the economics of the world.

The money-backers of the elected officials of the United States at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are facing three imminent economic threats. First, bad fiscal management by the House of Representatives (that controls the nation's pursestrings) and tax-and-spend liberal presidents—beginning with Lyndon B. Johnson who signed the first IOU that began the drain of the sacrosanct Social Security fund to finance the welfare generation. While the liberals deny there's anything wrong with Social Security that raising my taxes—and yours—won't fix, in point of fact it now takes three workers to support one retiree because Social Security is an empty drawer filled with worthless IOUs that can't be redeemed because there's no money in the bank.

Bush, and any member of Congress that can count past ten fingers and toes, knows Social Security will bankrupt the Federal Reserve and start a domino affect that will topple all of the central banks in the world within 10 to 12 years unless Bush can magically find 12 to 15 million new taxpayers to fill its empty coffers. Which, of course, is why Bush favors offering amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens. They are ready-made taxpayers—if Bush can pull them out of the dark and into the light of day.

Second, the money barons who own the factories that remain in the United States can't afford to pull any more factories from America without risking the collapse of the economy. At the same time, the transnational industrialists can no longer afford to pay the current wages and fringe benefits earned by US workers when third world laborers are willing to work for a fraction of what an American worker earns. For that reason, open borders serve their purpose in driving down the price of jobs. However, most of the illegals who come here work for cash under-the-table. Some use phony social security numbers that as many as 200 other illegals are simultaneously using. As a result, the illegals, in driving down the average wage paid in America, also drive down the tax receipts going into Washington, adding to the money crisis in this nation.

On the other hand, the American consumers are also facing three economically-devastating threats from their elected government officials who sold their vote to the highest bidder.

First is the dramatic loss of American factory jobs as US-born transnational industrialists and merchant princes—who eschew their American roots—shift their plants from the United States to the third world in order to capitalize on a new source of consumers, escaping a product-saturated society that has become nothing more than a replacement market for their goods.

Second, those Americans who still have union-wage jobs are now fighting illegal aliens to keep them. Business owners, on the other hand, are fighting to reduce the cost of doing business in the United States. They eagerly hire cheap illegal labor even as they terminate thousands of high-wage American laborers. Last week Daimler-Chrysler AG announced it was terminating 13 thousand Chrysler Group workers between now and 2009. Nine thousand of the earmarked employees are UAW workers in the United States. Two thousand are Canadian. An additional 2,000 white and blue collar management people in Warren and Auburn Hills, Michigan; Newark, Delaware; Cleveland, Ohio and St. Louis, Missouri will be terminated. Today, the bulk of Chrysler's inventory is built outside the United States. The popular PT Cruiser, for example, is built exclusively in Mexico.

Third, and most pressing, are our open borders. The President of the United States is constitutionally-required to use the military of the United States to seal the nation's borders and protect the citizens from interlopers and invasion. The president has stubbornly refused to do so even though he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. This is an impeachable offense.

Adding insult to injury was Bush's decision to allow 7,000 Iraqi refugees to enter the United States. Bush's decision, made at a time when we should be expelling Islamic zealots from this country not inviting more to come, was the direct result of political and diplomatic pressure from the United Nations—stemming from complaints from Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan who now have over 2.3 million Iraqi refugees. Another 1.8 million Iraqis from war zone cities have also relocated inside Iraq waiting for admission to the United States—or Europe (which does not want them due to the threat the Muslims now pose in their societies).

Last year, the US government allowed 202 Iraqi citizens to relocate to the United States. The UN told the Bush State Department that the low number makes the US look bad since they are homeless because of the United States. Most of those who are petitioning for admission to the United States have promised to return to Iraq when the sectarian violence ends. Of course, close to a hundred thousand aliens in this country, here on student visas over the past four decades, said the same thing before they disappeared into the landscape. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonin Guterres wants to resettle 20 thousand of the most vulnerable refugees to the United States this year, faulting the Bush-43 Administration for letting Europe and the other Arab nations shoulder the burden of relocating Sunni and Shi'a refugees.

With the UN and not the US State Department deciding which Iraqi refugees will be allowed to come to the United States based on the opinion of the United Nations High Commissioner in Geneva, politics—not security—will determine which refugees will have access to America's infrastructure. Within that 7 to 20 thousand refugees, 10% to 20% of them will pose a national security risk to America. If they are not held in detention centers until FBI checks are completed they, too, will disappear into the American landscape.

That's my problem not only with the President of the United States, but with most of our elected officials at the national level. They have sold their souls for a campaign war chest filled with legal bribes that indebt them to the transnational industrialists, oil barons and merchant princes who are creating the New World Order at the expense of the American worker. The Utopians in the New World Order are getting their money's worth from Bush just as they got their money's worth from the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1993 when the Clinton's masterminded the passage of NAFTA.

If we want to still have a nation in 2009, we need to force Congress to secure our borders and lock the door to this nation. We need to force Congress to begin a nationwide roundup not only of illegal aliens, but the employers who hired them under the terms of The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. And, we need to force Congress to enact legislation that mandates that only US corporations housed exclusively on US soil with no transnational ties may bid on US government contracts. And that only US companies employing only US citizens (and legal aliens from nations allied with the United States) may be awarded such contracts.

It seemed scary to me when the Bill-Hilly White House gave a contract to manufacture the uniforms to be worn by the US Army to the People's Republic of China. Nobody seems to remember that during the Battle of the Bulge the German army, wearing US Army uniforms, infiltrated American lines, surprised and killed hundreds of American soldiers who thought they were US soldiers. Who was it who said, "...if we forget history, we are doomed to relive it?" From a standpoint of political practicality, no foreign government—even an ally—should be allowed to bid on contracts to supply the US government with anything—not even widgets and nose-hair clippers!

If Congress resists sealings our physical and economic borders and expelling illegal aliens, we need to immediately recall and replace them with citizen legislators who are indebted only to the voters for their jobs. And, we can't wait for someone to take a poll to see if this is a good idea. We need to do it! And we need to do it now!

America needs to wake up and ask themselves a question. When transnational corporations, foundations and lobbyists for special interest groups give millions of dollars to politicians, what do they expect to get for those millions? The answer: billions if not trillions.

Washington, DC is the home of the quid pro quo. No one gives anyone anything without the expectation of getting more back. Remember that the next time you hear how much money Hillary Clinton has in her war chest. And remember that the next time you read that the AFL-CIO and the other major labor unions are spending millions of dollars fielding an army of union workers to knock on doors for this candidate or that one. And, remember that when socialist billionaire George Soros puts up $300 to $500 million of his own money to smear GOP candidates; or when the oil company-financed environmentalists and ecoalarmists tell you that fossil fuels are creating global warming.

Remember: we have been been duped by our elected officials since the utopians first failed to create world government in 1920. if we don't do something now, the first stage of world government—a global parliament in the Hague—will become a reality by the end of this decade. We need to start recalling every politician that has taken money from any special interest group, oil company, or transnational entity. We need to fire them and replace them with honest citizen politicians who will outlaw campaign contributions by making accepting this form of bribe a felony. Then we need to force our new citizen's Congress to impeach every federal judge who has usurped his or her authority by legislating from the bench. This is the only way we will be able to eliminate the threat to our way of life. Oh, and by the way...when the media starts talking about how much money this candidate or that candidate has raised, you know one thing. They are already bought and paid for. Don't vote for them in any primary or caucus. And, most certainly, don't vote for them in any general election because when they get elected, they won't be working for you...they will be working for the transnationalist industrialits, bankers and merchant princes who are quietly erasing America's national sovereignty in order to create a western hemispheric union that will be merged into the stateless utopian world of the New World Order.



To: Bill Barnstead




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