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The Trojan Horse

President George W. Bush worked hard to get a Congress that agrees with him. Now he has one. They're called Democrats. They'll give Bush his amnesty program. But, the price Bush will very likely pay for 13 million new legal Hispanic residents will be the trading of the location of the war on terrorism from the Islamic Middle East to the US mideast—St. Louis or perhaps Chicago. Tragically, all of America will pay for the president's turning his back on conservative America.

Before the November 2006 windfall election for the Democrats, Bush promised the small business owners of the United States—whom he called the backbone of America—that he would seal the borders of the United States, deport the illegals, and protect the job base of America. Apparently the "America" in that promise was not the United States, but North, Central and South America.

Almost from the minute Congress approved legislation to build a 700-mile wall along the Southwestern border of the United States, the rhetoric in the White House changed from arresting and deporting illegal aliens to promises of grants of amnesty that would allow illegals to remain—legally—as "guest workers" who will be allowed to apply for citizenship in five years. Overnight, the President's popularity, which had been inching higher when he agreed to fund a 700-mile fence, plummeted on the eve of the Election.

Bush's popularity waned as he began to wheel out the Trojan Horse for the second time, believing his amnesty pledge would help GOP candidates win the votes of minorities who favor open borders—and even fewer jobs they will qualify for in America. In point of fact, social, fiscal and Christian conservatives sat out the election in even greater numbers than ever before. Even knowing the majority of the American people wanted the illegal aliens in the country rounded up and deported, and even though early on, he promised the people he would do just that, Bush lobbied Congress for an amnesty program that would legalize upwards of 13 million aliens who were already in the United States.

Many of the illegal aliens that the president's plan would have legalized have criminal records. Many have committed crimes—some violent—against United States citizens. These violent crimes include pedophilia, rape and murder. (But that's another "room" in the Trojan Horse that was surreptitiously slipped into the country.) And like the Trojan Horse that the Greek general Odysseus left outside the walls of Troy, the Trojan Horse that the Mexican government left on the doorstep of the United States was dragged inside by the last three presidents.

The last of the trio, Bush-43 dragged the Trojan Horse down Pennsylvania Avenue, like a prize that contained 13 million new citizens. The citizens of ancient Troy saw the Trojan Horse left outside their gate by the Greeks as one of the marvels of the world. They dragged it inside their walls like it was a prize. During the night the Greeks crept out and destroyed Troy.

In November, 2006, Bush suffered the same fate. His "loyal conservative army"—the same one that fought to keep former Vice President Al Gore from stealing his victory in 2000 and fought to elect him over Sen. John Kerry in 2004—disappointed in six years of broken Bush promises, stayed home from the polls in protest to Bush's latest rhetorical reversal (i.e., parcel of lies) and, because of Bush's duplicity, the Republican Party lost control of both Houses of Congress.

The Democrats now control Washington and everything in it. Bush suffered the same fate as the Trojans for the same reason. Bush misled to the voters when he promised to fix the borders and keep illegal aliens from taking the jobs of hard working blue collar factory workers. He lied. Bush promised the blue collar workers who elected him in 2000 and 2004 that he would protect their jobs, and protect their ability to continue sharing in the great American dream. He lied.

When he broke his word to the American wage earner, Bush lost his moral compass, and the American voter stayed home on Nov. 7. The president, Rep. Tom Tancredo [R-CO] said, "...has worked hard to get a Congress that agrees with him on immigration, and now he has one. They're Democrats." Like Bush and a handful of powerful GOP leaders in the House and Senate who have also sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver, the liberals who now control Congress have been trying to enact amnesty legislation for the past two years. Now they are the majority—and, other than Nancy Pelosi who hates Bush's guts, the president will find the allies who will help him enact the utopian legislation the Rockefeller Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations needs to create world government. (Because of his new-found fellowship with the Democrats, Bush may go down in history as the only president who vetoed only one bill in 8 years.)

During his State-of-the-Union address, the president confidently called for a guest-worker program, knowing he finally has the votes to legislate it. With it, he called for a one-time plan to fast track citizenship for 13 million illegals. When you open the door, even a crack, you get more than you want. The Bush amnesty will not only give us 13 million legal guest workers, it will also bring twice as many more illegals into the country since those with criminal records or a lack of personal stability are ineligible for visas and, as happened during the Reagan years, the Bush-41 years and the Clinton years, amnesty simply brought a new flood of illegals to replace those whose green cards elevated them from the underground economy to the mainstream.

There are three core motives behind the president's renewed demands for amnesty: [1] Bush needs adult taxpayers to replace those who were lost to the American economy with the job exodus to Mexico put 15 million Americans out of work; [2] industrialists and farm owners need cheap labor to bring product costs down in order to be competitive with third world factories; and [3] NAFTA and the World Trade Organization Agreements mandate open borders in order to create a seamless world economy followed by a totalitarian world government that will make claims of global democracy—but it will be world communism by parliamentarian democracy in which the rights of man are limited only by the needs of government.


To: Bill Barnstead




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