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Trojan Horses, déjá vu
and impeachment

The following excerpt of an article that appeared on Time Magazine's online version is well worth a second glance in light of the Nov. 7 election. You'll excuse me if I dip into the past. "Returning to Washington this week from the Easter recess," the article said, "Republican representatives and senators are in an anxious and anguished mood. The reason is [the president] who...seems increasingly to be endangering the Republican Party in this election year...The loss...was a particularly hard blow because the Democrats had pointedly made [the president] the issue in the election." The article continued, "Michigan's Republican Senator...grimly declared: 'No Republican should assume he has a safe seat anymore.' Looking ahead to November, [the vice president] warned that the Democrats could end up with an overwhelming majority in the House that would constitute 'a legislative dictatorship'

And, of course, as history recorded, the GOP suffered a humiliating defeat in November—but not at the hands of the Democrats. Republican voters deliberately sat out the election and let the Democrats take control of the House and Senate. A senator from Illinois who is being touted as a presidential contender said it would probably be best if the president resigned. The article noted that the Senator "...stopped short of actually calling for resignation, believing that was a matter for [the president] to decide himself." But, the article continued, "Massachusetts' GOP Chairman William A. Barnstead, once a strong [backer of the president], last week became the first State party leader to ask the President to step down."

However, as the reader continued the Time article, he had to experience a sense of déjá vu about what he was reading. Particularly since, when he looked at the date of the article, he discovered it was not written in the spring of 2006—it was written on April 29, 1974. The president referred to in the article was not George W. Bush. It was Richard M. Nixon. But, like George W. Bush today, Nixon lost 48 House seats to the Democrats in the 6th year midterm election of 1974 after losing 43 House seats in 1972. And, losing 5 Senate seats on top of 3 in 1972, the GOP lost control of the US Senate for 20 years. In 2006, the GOP lost 27 House seats and 6 Senate seats and, of course with it, they lost control of both houses of Congress.

The antiwar Democrats in the midterm Election of 1974—like the antiwar Democrats in the midterm election of 2006—were convinced they won their sweeping victories because a Republican president was fighting an unpopular war. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The GOP lost in 1974 and 2006 because it sold its integrity for 30 pieces of silver. The GOP leadership in the House and Senate lost its integrity because it chose to surrender its moral compass, blindly followed a president who sold out the people who placed him in the Oval Office. The Illinois Senator who was planning to seek the White House in 1974 was not Barack Obama, it was Charles Percy [R]. Percy stopped short of demanding that Nixon resign. I didn't stop short. As noted by Time Magazine, I was the first State party leader to ask Nixon to step down. Today, as a former State GOP party leader, I am asking our current president, George W. Bush, to step down because he mislead America and signed a deal with the devil.

Over the last few days Bush has been replacing those he believes were instrumental in the losses suffered by the GOP in November: Rumsfeld, Bolton and Negroponte in an attempt to shore up his administration during its last hurrah—and putting up faces that are tolerable to the antiwar Democrats who are now "in charge." But Bush, like everyone else, has missed it.

The mass desertion of Republicans from the polls in November, 2006 had nothing to do with Americans becoming disillusioned with the war on terrorism just as the mass desertion of Republicans from the polls in November, 1974 had nothing to do with Americans being disillusioned with the war in Vietnam.

Americans in 1974 stayed home from the polls because Richard Nixon lost his moral compass. When Nixon lost his integrity, he lost the confidence of the American people.

In November, 2006 George W. Bush suffered the same fate—not because of Iraq, but because he lied to the American people in order to placate the bankers in the Fed and the World Bank and the utopian transnational industrialists who filled his campaign war chest to overflowing in 2000 and 2004. George W. Bush promised the voters he would protect the small business owner whom he declared was the backbone of the American economy. And, Bush promised the American wage earner he would protect their ability to share in the American dream. Bush broke his word to the small business owner. And, he broke his word to the American wage earner. When Bush lost his moral compass, he lost his integrity. And, along the way, he lost the voters he needed to keep the GOP in power.

That's the strange thing about politically conservative voters. Integrity is important to them. Democrats think nothing of reelecting a Congressman caught in an FBI sting with a freezer full of marked hundred bills—and applaud him on the opening day of Congress. Not Republicans.

Republicans will turn out any elected official who loses his moral compass. The conservative American voter fired the GOP because the Republican hierarchy signed on to Bush's amnesty agenda when 74% of the American people opposed granting amnesty for illegals.

The majority of the American people not only oppose amnesty, they want illegals rounded up and deported. They want 700 miles of fence built along the Rio Grande, and they want the US National Guard—with loaded weapons—guarding the border to keep illegals out of their country. And, even more, an overwhelming majority of the American people who understand that Social Security is almost bankrupt do not want Congress to provide illegals with benefits—and even more, they don't want the President of the United States to sign that measure into law.

Bush lost his moral compass when he sold out the people of the United States to the one-worlders who are working with the royals of Europe and the "former" communists in the Soviet sphere to implement the one world government of the New World Order that will be governed from the Hague. For the transnationalist banking and industry cartels to achieve world government, the United States must be broken apart like the Soviet Union in 1991.

To that end, opening the borders of the United States in contradiction to Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States—and opening the floodgate of illegals into the country—is tantamount to building a government-orchestrated Trojan Horse that will destroy this nation from the inside-out. Which, of course, the world bankers believe is necessary to prevent a global bank collapse—once again, at the expense of the American people whom they believe have too much.

When, as as GOP party head of Massachusetts, I was part of the initial Republican effort to force Richard Nixon to resign in 1974 in order to stave off the impending impeachment, I remember a statement made by Republican National Committee Chairman George H.W. Bush to Maine Republicans about the party's loss of moral direction, and the possibility that the Democrats would achieve a majority strong enough to impose a democratic dictatorship over the American people. When it happened, one of the first things the liberal Democrats did was withdraw financial support and collapsed the government of South Vietnam, bringing about America's first defeat in battle. Viewing the political abyss caused by Nixon's loss of integrity, Bush confessed: "My idealism has been all messed up, just as I'm sure your's has, by the recent goings-on in Washington. Every Republican feels a certain sense of betrayal."

Once again (for the benefit of Democrats who don't get it), America feels betrayed by its president—the son of the same GOP national chairman who confessed he felt betrayed by Nixon. I wonder if he feels a touch of déjá vu? Or does George W. feel betrayed by his father, whose advisers became the son's "kitchen cabinet" advisers?

America feels betrayed by George W. Bush because he was the man, they believed, would carry the mantle of the Reagan legacy. But, I guess Reagan's boots were just too large for George. It's a sad day when a former GOP State Chairman feels obligated to say that George W. Bush needs to resign from office—or face impeachment. Not for the Iraqi war or weapons of mass destruction that the liberal media—which has steadfastly refused to print the stories confirming their existence—but for the loss of his moral compass in selling out the American people for a piece of the utopian dream. But most of all, for his part in helping dismantle the sovereignty and security of the United States but placing swinging doors on our borders to accommodate transnational corporations who need to lower the average income levels of the American worker in order to compete with the slave labor factories in China and Indonesia and the $10-a-day factories in the emerging nations of the world who are taking our factories and our jobs.

As a people, we face a real catch-22 dilemma with George W. Bush. If he is not stopped, the average wage of skilled workers in America will be cut in half by 2010—providing there are any factories left here to provide them with jobs. Further, the small business owner who Bush called the backbone of the nation was sold out as well as the Bush-43 Administration used the power of the Oval Office to favor our allies with concessions that gave them access to sealed bids from American companies in order to underbid them. That might be good international politics, but constitutionally, it's no way to run a country.

Bush, like all members of Congress, need to understand they are not above the law; nor are they exempt from the laws that govern the rest of us. Stopping Bush from opening our borders to an unrelenting flood of illegal aliens that will lead to the World Trade Organization-sanctioned North American Union has ramifications we must consider before initiating an impeachment dialogue against the 43rd President of the United States—as we did with the 37th President of the United States.

If George W. Bush is forced to resign, or is successfully impeached, Vice President Dick Cheney, who would immediately also be the target of impeachment, would become president. Congress would immediately appoint John McCain to serve as Cheney's vice president (since he is the only prominent Republican who is liberal enough to get rubber stamped by the Pelosi-Reid Congress). If Cheney was also impeached, McCain would become president. If Bush and Cheney were impeached together, Nancy Pelosi would become the 44th President of the United States—giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money in 2008.

Maybe there's a pearl hidden in the abyss of that Catch-22 scenario. Having Pelosi in the White House even for a year would likely sour America's desire to place any other woman—particularly Hillary Clinton—in the Oval House for another decade or two particularly as both Hillary and Nancy favor Bush's amnesty program (since the folks who fill Bush's campaign coffers fills their war chests, too) and the middle income jobs drain). I find it ironic that Hillary and Nancy are pushing a minimum wage increase as they strive, with Bush, to push the middle income wage earners down to meet the minimum wage seekers somewhere kower on the ladder of affluence as average income levels in Mexico skyrocket.

One really wonders why Mexico's disenfranchised want to come to America when our jobs are being sent to Mexico and the Far East. It would seem to me that any illegals looking for work would follow the steady flow of American jobs to Mexico's bustling economic hubs instead of sneaking into America's decaying urban centers. The US immigration service—ICE—is helping the globalists build the Trojan Horse that will achieve the objective of the one worlders—weaken the United States as a military, economic and political giant enough that the combined will of the global community can force us to become a subservient stepchild of the European Union. Ah, yes...more of that déjá vu. It would almost be like the United States becoming a colony of a European dynasty by 2012.



To: Bill Barnstead




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