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Why didn't George
ask Dick?

I'd like to think that when the Coup of 2006 happened, President George W. Bush did what former President Bill Clifton did when the Democrats lost control of both the House and Senate in 1994. Clinton called Dick Morris.

About a week or so before Christmas in 1994, when Hillary and Chelsea were shopping in New York, Morris paid a visit to Clinton when he was alone at the White House to explain to the former president why he lost Congress and why he would likely lose his bid for re-election in 1996 unless he found a way to reconnect with the people.

Later, Morris told the talking heads on TV that he had advised Clinton a month or two before the midterm election that the Democrats were in trouble not because of anything the GOP was doing, but because of the things he had done—and, most important, because he had a serious disconnect with the American people.

That happens when Presidents get too full of themselves. It happens when they forget that when they are put in the Oval Office by the voters, they are no longer "he." While constitutionally the President of the United States is the official representative of the States who actually elect him, he is also the defacto representative of "all the people" who told the States how to cast that vote. When he takes his oath of the office, the incoming President swears—with his hand on a Bible—to represent not just the voters who voted for him, but all of the people—equally. President George W. Bush failed to do that. And, when he failed, he failed...dismally.

If he had called GOP political strategist Dick Morris for a private meeting at the White House after the November Massacre, I would like to think that Morris would have said this: "Mr. President, let me speak bluntly. You screwed the American people when they trusted you to do the right thing. Like your father, you broke your word. And, like your father, history will remember you as a liar who sold out his country to the transnational bankers, merchants princes and industrialists who are stealing the world to create a totalitarian smorgasbord for the ultra rich. The American people believed you when you signed the legislation to pay for a 700 mile wall along our southern border. But when the people learned you were still quietly pressuring the Republicans in the House and Senate to enact your amnesty bill even though almost 80% of the American people opposed it, they had enough. America repudiated you and the GOP because of your collusion with the transnational industrialists, bankers and merchant princes who sold out America. It is very likely that the GOP won't gain control of both Houses of Congress again for 50 years because of its duplicity."

I would like to think Morris would have talked to Bush like a Dutch Uncle. But I know that wouldn't happen because Bush accepts criticism even less graciously than his predecessor—especially when he's wrong. Sadly, because of that, the "date" Mr. Bush brought to both of his inaugural balls—the American people—was left standing at the door. The president chose, instead, to dance with the elites who filled his coffers with money to promulgate their global agenda. (Tragically, it matters little today which party steals the White House—and I mean "steals" quite literally since both win by deceit. Both lie to the public to deliberately deceive the voters. The simple, unvarnished truth is that GOP presidents represent the financial interests of the transnational market economy bankers and merchant princes and Democrat presidents represent the financial interests of the transnational communists. That's a fact. I cannot speak it more clearly—or more honestly.

Sadly, neither care about the American people—until election day. Then, "consumer promises," tossed around like penny candy by presidential candidates who know they will discard those promises long before the last election yard signs are cleared from the neighborhoods of America where every election is either won or lost.

When he was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2001, President George W. Bush correctly observed that the small businessman was the backbone America. He promised to enact laws to protect them and help them prosper because, the president said, that was where the job growth in the 21st century would come. Instead, he added to the financial woes of the American worker by breaking that promise, too—and with it, the only hope of a prosperous future for America's struggling working class in a shrinking job market with shrinking wages because Americans are forced to compete with illegal aliens for work. And the small business owner, who is now being asked to "carry the water" for the team by creating thousands of new jobs, is sabotaged by the dual agenda of an Administration that has repeatedly helped foreign corporations penetrate an already severely damaged US economy—and take even more jobs away from the American people who is struggling to keep their heads above water with higher prices, higher taxes and less discretionary income.

That is what was most upsetting about our recent bid on a US government contract to provide lab sterilizers to federal labs—some in America's most top secret facilities—and learning that even though we were the lowest US bidder, the White House lobbied for the Israeli government subsidized company: Tutnauer.

A $600 thousand, American taxpayer-funded US government contract was given to Israel even though it meant, once again, that a struggling American company was backburnered for the sake of global politics. US government contracts should be awarded only to wholly-owned US companies with offices only on American soil. The argument that, in a free market economy, competition is good and that competitive bidding works to keep prices down is just so much who-shot-John when companies in foreign countries are subsidized by their governments to make sure they can successfully underbid American companies on their own soil.

It is the height of stupidity for the United States government, whose sole interest should be protecting this nation and its citizens from those who would destroy it for personal gain, to allow foreign corporations—many of whom are owned by historic enemies who are as determined today to destroy the United States as they were during the Cold War. To believe that the "former" Soviet Union, the Peoples Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are our friends, is more of a stretch than believing the Easter Bunny lays eggs. Nevertheless, the United States is exporting its jobs to those countries. Within another decade, all of the industrial plants that built the ships, the airplanes, the tanks, trucks, the weapons and ammunition that supplied all of our allies around the world and won both world wars are now owned by transnational corporations headquartered on the soil of the nations of our former enemies. When war strikes American soil, where will those missiles come from? And, when those factories ratchet up to turn out the machines of war, whose armies do you suppose will use them?

The nation without the manufacturing capacity to mobilize its troops when its security is threatened will find itself on horseback like a medieval army, shooting arrows at a 21st century enemy using armor-piercing bullets, GPS-guided missiles, and the stealth technology developed by American ingenuity during the Carter years and used successfully on the battlefield during the first Gulf War. America's standing as a super power will quickly erode, and using advanced US technology originally developed by Americans in US factories, China will ratchet up the American factories on her soil to arm its own million-man army, assuming the role of global military major domo.

In their zeal to merge America into a borderless utopian world, politicians on both sides of the aisle—their pockets bulging with K Street money—sold out the American people as the princes of banking and industry attempt to recast the nature of "democracy." Bittersweet as it is, that is the reality of the world in which we live. The working class has once again been relegated to the status of human chattel or, as the World Bank classifies us, as human capital—the most important asset to the overlords of industry and the merchant princes.

If the president were to give his ear to a political adviser other than Karl Rove—whose advise has not been too sage lately—and if that adviser was former Republican strategist Dick Morris, what would Dick say? He would tell Bush that Election of 2006 was more than a repudiation of Republicans who acted like tax and spend Democrats. And, the election was more than just a repudiation of a president who tarnished the mantle of the Reagan legacy he was asked to carry. It was a repudiation of globalism; a repudiation of insecure borders, of amnesty for illegal aliens; and it was a repudiation of an Administration that sold it's soul for 30 pieces of silver. That is the reason the voters could not overlook the corruption by Republicans when they ignored even worse corruption by Democrats. Conservatives are supposed to be the good guys.


To: Bill Barnstead




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