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Strange Bedfellows...Fighting
for America's last fair election.

Some years ago James Cash Penney, the founder of the JCPenney retail chain, authored an autobiography, aptly entitled, "View From the Ninth Decade" since the young man had just celebrated his 90th birthday before the book hit the street. Me? I can almost say that—and will, next year. But for right now, I guess I'll have to be content to say I am viewing life from the eighth decade. Next year I'll be an octogenarian-plus-ten.

I've spent well over a half century as a conservative Republican in liberal Massachussets. But it doesn't take 89 years of political savy to understand that if Sen. Barack Hussein Obama manages to win this election, and if the far left increases their deathgrip on the US House and Senate, the nation will be hip-deep in Kenyan do-do because a veto-proof Congress controlled by big-spending liberals will begin the process of redistributing my wealth and yours to the poor. Don't get me wrong. I am not opposed to helping those who actually need help—people who suffer from chronic illnesses or injuries and who can't work, or can't earn enough to provide basic food and shelter for their families. What I am opposed to are those who feel it is the obligation of society to provide for them because work is beneath them, or those whose idea of "work" is collecting a welfare check or sitting on a curb with a sign and a tin cup. It is the latter, not the former, that Barack Obama promised the NAACP would be the recipients of the promised redistribution of wealth of America's middle class next year.

The politickin' for 2008 is about over. In a couple of weeks, the meeting halls where the political rhetoric flowed like syrupy nectar will be empty. What's left of the political posters will weather as the chill of late fall turns into the bitter cold of winter, providing us with a reminder of the losers whose names we've already forgotten. What will be left is the stark reality that, once again, those who won did so lying to us in order to get elected. the fault is ours for voting for them because if we had matched their rhetoric against their actions, we should have realized we were being snookered.

And, when the People pass the keys of the Treasury to Obama & Company, the American people will suddenly realize that the rape of America they thought happened under Bush-43 didn't happen then, after all. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and the rest of the Obama Gang will be strip-searching the American taxpayers even before the gavel marks the open of the 111th Congress.

As late as it is, its not too late to change the outcome of this election—if the American people wake up to the reality that regardless who they cast their vote for on Nov. 4, they are actually voting for only one of two tickets. They are voting for McCain-Palin or they are voting for Obama-Biden. A vote cast for either Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin is a vote for Obama. A vote for Ralph Nader is a vote for McCain. There are no grey areas.

You may argue that voting for a third party candidate is an issue of integrity. That may be—in your own mind, or when you're exercising bragging rights as you sit around the spittin' stove at the Gen'l Store. The "reality" middle class America is facing with an Obama presidency—forget all of the empty rhetoric about 95% of the people not getting a tax increase—is not whether the billfold in your hip pocket contains any cash or something other than maxed-out credit cards, but whether that pocket even contains a billfold; or, whether or not you still own the pants that Obama, Harry and Nancy took to the drycleaners.

Here is the simple truth: If we—conservative America—don't win this election, the world you and I grew up in will very qucikly begin to look like the Soviet Union in 1918 right after the disarmed Russian people suddenly realized they had been snookered by the Bolesheviks.

This election cycle has witnessed the dirtiest, most corrupt, most criminal election campaign ever to have sullied the pages of American history. Sadly, the liberal media, which is—and has been since November, 2006—in bed with the Obama Campaign, knows this but has chosen to conceal it. So has the DNC and its chairman, Howard Dean. Hillary Clinton learned that in Iowa even though she didn't believe it until New Hampshire. The tactics used against her campaign and after the nomination, against McCain-Palin, is now the subject of an 11-State investigation by State and/or federal investigators.

The full page ad attached here has become one of over 60 full page ads I've run in the Washington Times National Weekly Edition over the last two or three years.

The last paragraph tells us, very succinctly, how we can stop Obama and win the Election of 2008. This is our last chance. America needs a few thousand patriots to step up and file these lawsuits against the County governments to remove Obama's name from the ballot throughout the United States. Here is the content of the ad. Click on the image of the ad for a larger version which should be able to read.

Here it is, in its entirety: When Sen. Hillary Clinton attended the Nevada Caucus on Jan. 19, 2008, she experienced, from the Obama Campaign, what McCain is experiencing from the Obama-Biden Campaign today. Clinton's lawyer, Lyn Utrecht, wrote a protest letter to the Nevada Democratic Party about the conduct of the Obama staffers/supporters, many of whom had credentials from the Democratic Party and were part of the security at the caucus sites.

The Clinton Campaign received virtually hundreds of calls on the 19th that the "...Obama Campaign and its allies and supporters engaged in a planned effort to subvert the Caucus procedures to its advantage. For example: preference cards were premarked in Obama's name. Clinton supporters were denied cards, being told there were none left while Obama supporters were being given them when they were denied to Clinton supporters. Caucus 'chairs' favored Obama and deliberately miscounted votes as Obama votes, and also counted unregistered people as Obama votes." The calls continued for two days after the caucus.

Hillbuzz.org, a website operated by Hillary Clinton supporters, is once again reporting that a RICO investigation of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now [ACORN] is underway in Chicago with federal authorities looking into the Obama money ties with ACORN. There are now 11 State and/or federal "voter fraud" investigations or inquiries underway in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin that was committed by employees of ACORN or its subsidiary, "Project Vote."

"Project Vote," by its own admission has registered over 1.7 million voters since 2004. It's estimated that close to half of those registered were ineligible to vote because: they were not citizens; they had felony records and were on parole or probation; they were underage; they were already registered; the people were nonexistent; the voters were dead; and finally, the registrant was actually a household pet . The Obama Campaign is tied to ACORN and "Project Vote" not only because of a $800 thousand "donation" from the Obama Campaign to "register voters," but because he paid for votes in the key swing States he needed to win to become President. Those states? Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Add to that Obama's very close, personal ties not only to Weather Underground 1960s terrorist Bill Ayers, but also with ACORN co-founder Wade Rathke, who was a 60s antiwar activist with the militant Students for a Democratic Society. The association is close enough to merit a much closer scrutiny by the media and the federal and state investigators.

Add to that the ties, between 1995 and 1999, between Ayers, Rathke and Obama through the Walter Anneberg Foundation with Obama functioning as the disbursing agent of $50 million in grant money received from the Foundation by Ayers. That money, plus $60 million raised by Obama, was used to fund ACORN and to create "education programs" in Chicagoland schools that would teach Ayers-brand radical socialism under the guise of "raising political awareness" in the inner city.

Add to that questions raised in the US District Court lawsuit, Berg v. Obama, in which Philip Berg, the former Assistant Attorney General of Pennsylvania challenged Obama's legal status as a citizen based on two birth certificates—one Kenyan and one US—for the Senator. Obama has managed to stonewall Berg's efforts to have this question aired in court. Obama intends that this issue not see the light of day until after the election when, as President, it will be easier to kill.

Hillbuzz also reported that Hillary Clinton backers and supporters are now doing everything possible to raise questions about Obama's qualifications to lead this nation, and as best they can, to help the McCain-Palin ticket (largely because of Sarah Palin who could shatter the glass ceiling by becoming the nation's first female Vice President).

The only way to stop Obama is to take a tip from Philip Berg—at the county and State level. This week, individual voters across the country need to file local lawsuits to force their local election boards to either certify Obama's citizenship by making him produce the vault copy of his certificate of live birth from the hospital where he claims to have been born to support his view that he was born in the United States, and that he is eligible to seek the office of President. Or, they need to remove his name from the ballot to prevent a constitutional crisis should such certification prove, after the election, that Sen. Obama was not qualified to seek the office of President due to questions about his citizenship status.


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