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McCain Wins...a Party Divided

I don't know what happened. My guy was Fred Thompson first and Mitt Romney second. While the Ron Paul supporters are continuing to fight a campaign already lost, McCain has already won—a divided party. Let's face it, John McCain has a huge task before him. Not only does he have to put together a campaign that can win in November, he has to win over true conservatives who know McCain is a self-described "conservative liberal" or "liberal conservative," whichever label you want to use. Myself, I believe in calling a spade a spade and a liberal a liberal. You can't dress a skunk up in a pink bunny costume and convince people with a good sense of smell that you have something other than a skunk. So, let's clear the air first and then talk reality.

The reality is, if we are going to save the nation, we have to vote this November. Now, if it makes you feel better, leave the presidential slot clear when you vote. Do not—I repeat—do not write in anyone. If you understand how computer vote fraud works, for hackers to steal your presidential vote, you have to record one. Whether that vote is for Ron Paul, Mickey Mouse or you, once you enter it, the hacker can steal it. if you record nothing there is nothing to steal. (If you are using a paper ballot that's not fed into a computer, and it makes you feel better, vote for Ron Paul.)

That way, those who absolutely refuse to vote for the "lesser of two evils" can vote with a clear conscience—for Congress. Let's face it, if we don't take Congress back this November, we aren't going to like what happens to our country because, frankly, our nation will be gone. In its place will be the North American Union followed by, in three or four years, the hemispheric American Union which our neighbors in South America don't want anymore than we do.

So, let's begin by facing reality in its purest form. Sen. John McCain is no longer the "presumptive" nominee of the Republican Party. He ran the political juggernaut and won the prize. While the coronation has not happened, and won't until the GOP meets in Minneapolis on Sept. 1-4, Senator McCain is the official GOP standard-bearer. He is the Republican nominee. Grates you in the craw, doesn't it? Okay, we can take our marbles and go home. Or we can sit and cry over spilled milk. Or, we can do something constructive about it before liberty is replaced with "socialist freedom" when the Bill of Rights is placed with the UN's Convention on Human Rights.

Because, if you don't like what's happening with the GOP nominating process, you're going to like watching the Bill of Rights—and particularly the 2nd Amendment—disappear even less. So, let's forget all that crap about sitting out the election like a spoiled child if we don't get our way.

That's life. It's tough out there, and whether we like it or not, every other politician is a crook. The rest of them are petty thieves. If you never stole a grape in the supermarket, told a little white lie or coveted your neighbor's spouse, then you have a right to expect politicians to be as clean as the driven snow. Otherwise, like the rest of us, you have to acknowledge that none of us are perfect—in fact, we're all a long, long way from the foot of the cross. So, let's stop pretending we're something we're not and get busy with the task of saving this nation before we have to flush it down the toilet and march ourselves to the nearest barbed-wire stockade and turn ourselves in to the Utopians.

If we are going to save the country—and we have to save it by rescuing the "people's House" (i.e., the House and Senate) because 535 legislators still trump one president. But, speaking of Presidents—and those who want to become one—a Republican president, even a liberal one, is better than a Democratic president when the choices from the other camp are ultra-liberal and ultra-ultra liberal. So, here's what we need to do.

Sen. John McCain needs to find common ground with the conservatives. He needs to make an impeachable pledge with the right to be their president—and not the president of the special interest groups, the Council on Foreign Relations, or the president of Mexico or the Prime Minister of Canada. McCain needs to divorce Teddy Kennedy and the far left. McCain has to be smart enough to realize that the far left won't be voting for him on November 4. They will be voting for the first (unconstitutional) female or the first black candidate for President. If he is elected it will be because John McCain made some serious promises to America's Christian conservative families whose sweat equity made this nation great.

We need to have enough of a majority in both Houses of Congress that we can keep McCain on a short leash, and impeach him if he breaks his word. It is only through finding common ground with McCain that we can walk side-by-side to victory in November. Without that common ground, "none-of-the-above" works well for me.

Conservative Americans cannot afford to sit out the Election of 2008 in order to "teach the Republican Party a lesson." If you recall, we tried that in 2006. It didn't work. The political right lost control of both the House and Senate in 2006. We lost the battle to appoint conservative, rule-of-law judges as well as control what legislation would reach the floor for a vote.

As conservatives, we need to stop cutting off our nose to spite our face. We are fighting for the economic survival of the United States of America. There are two solutions to every political, economic and societal problem facing this nation. One is based on social justice. The other on the rule of law. Which judicial slant we get depends not on McCain, Clinton or Obama—it depends on us.

If we take our marbles and go home and sit out the Election of 2008 because our guy didn't win and we don't agree with John McCain, the nation loses and all the bad things we knew would come from the left—things we could have altered if we had voted—will happen. Taxes will skyrocket, we will have Canada's failed healthcare system here in the United States, a whole new series of "green laws" will make gasoline and home heating oil cost prohibitive—and the new taxes levied on the oil industry will be passed on to the taxpayers.

Ask yourself one question: If Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, what do you think the Obama supporters will be doing on election day? They will do what Democrats do—they will get out and vote. And they will vote for Hillary. My question to you is simple: why can't Republicans be just as smart as Democrats on election day?


To: Bill Barnstead




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