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Mr. President: here's the simple truth. You've got some real serious problems with your constituency. You also have problems with members of your own party at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. And, you have even more serious problems with your political adversaries on the far left in the House and Senate who see your political blunders as an opportunity to increase their majority in Congress—and, of course, your political missteps are magnified by the talking heads who are working for the left who is campaigning for your job.

Mr. President, I'm sure your advisors have told you that the likelihood of your being impeached before you leave office are as good as your predecessor. It almost looks like impeachment will be a commonplace way in the coming years to get rid of presidents who don't keep their word to their constituents. Because when your constituents give up on you, there is no one else covering your back.

The only thing undecided by your political foes in the House and Senate at the moment is "when." In politics, as you know, timing is everything. For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wants your job so bad it makes her makeup run, sooner is better than later—and impeaching you and Vice President Dick Cheney at the same time works best for her.

But, whether the impeachment is a single-barreled (you alone) or double-barreled (you and Cheney together) affair, to greatly increase the Democratic majority in the House next November, she needs a spring or early summer impeachment—and your removal from office before Labor Day, 2008 (or having you painted with a dark-enough tar brush that GOP congressional and Senatorial challengers do not stand a chance of getting elected in November).

For Sen. Hillary Clinton—who has been imploring Pelosi to wait and get the maximum impact by scheduling the House impeachment hearings a week or so before the 2008 election—she needs the Senate trial to take place in mid-January. This works best for her political aspirations—if she's the Democratic nominee.

Mr. President: there is more at stake here than just your job. At stake as well is the US Congress and whether or not your political blunders will preclude conservatives from wrestling control of the House and Senate away from the liberals. What blunders? you ask? Let me see...Iraq for one.

When you sent American troops into Afghanistan where Al Qaeda was protected by the Taliban, you made a political decision based on sound military intelligence. We created a theoretical democracy out of a totalitarian theocracy. Afghanistan was right. Three thousand dead American citizens on Sept. 11, 2001 made it right. Iraq was not.

Iraq changed the equation. Iraq triggered a new phase of the ancient Holy War between radical Islam and "the infidel." The Muslim world has been fighting this war since the days of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac. It's been going on for almost 6,000 years, and it can't be won in a hundred lifetimes.

Thus, the word "quagmire" doesn't even begin to describe our problems there. Nor does quagmire describe America's frustration with your decision to leave our borders open and unsecure so that not only can 20 million illegal aliens enter at will, so can al Qaeda.

Nor did your decision to give US Attorney Johnny Sutton a green light to persecute US Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos as a warning to other Border Agents not to do their job.

Or your decision, after conservative members of Congress fought to get the money to build a fence along our southern border, not to build the fence...or hire the agents to police the border, arrest illegals and ship them back to Mexico. Or your decision to fire US Attorneys who had the "spine" to go after, and prosecute business owners who hired illegals.

Okay, Mr. President, here's the long and the short of it. You need to hold a press conference. You need to take responsibility for the political blunders that have happened on your watch. You need to say: "I screwed up going into Iraq. I had military justification to do it, but logic should have told me this was a war that's been going on for over 6,000 years, and it won't be solved in our lifetime—let alone my 8 years in office."

You also need to give up on the stupid utopian notion of merging "America." The North American Union and the merging of all of the economies in the western hemisphere into an American form of the European Union was an idea conceived by the greed of power-hungry men who want a world that is controlled solely by them.

Europe may not mind living out George Orwell's "1984" fantasy, but the American people had enough of "Big Brother" during the Clinton years.

And, Mr. President, you need to realize this as well. Although this is a nation of immigrants, the descendants of those immigrants firmly believe that those who come here to live should come here exactly the same way their parents and grandparents came—through the legal immigration ports on the East and West coast.

We don't think people who break the law to get here should be rewarded for their illegal acts. Mr. President, if you have the spine to admit you were wrong—and, if necessary, to resign from the presidency before articles of impeachment are drafted, you will save the Republican Party from probable extinction—and help your conservative base win back the House and Senate, and perhaps even regain the White House. If not, the nation loses—and we all lose. And the Grand Old Party will become nothing more than a memory of its past.


To: Bill Barnstead




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