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Congressman Bill Bilbray [R-CA], Chairman of the Congressional Immigration Caucus noted that a compromise reached between members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Bush White House over immigration reform violates the rule of law by providing tacit amnesty from deportation to those who violated the law by illegally entering this country."The compromise," Bilbray said, "will reward 12 million illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship. What part of illegal [do these three] not understand? Any plan that rewards illegal behavior is amnesty."

Adding to Bilbray's frustrations, Rep. Lamar Smith [R-TX], the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee (whom the White House expects to tote the water on this one), said the compromise that grants amnesty by any name will "...do lasting damage to the country, to the American workers, and to the rule of law." Smith said amnesty in any form puts law breakers ahead of those who are legally seeking citizenship. And, he added, it puts illegal aliens ahead of US workers—and encourages even more illegal immigration.

Rep. Steve King [R-IA] denounced claims by Senators Ted Kennedy [D-MA] and John McCain [R-AZ] that the legislation would restore respect for the rule of law, saying "...[t]he price for amnesty is the sacrifice of the rule of law. Each one of these Senators should wear a scarlet 'A' for amnesty."

Business groups, in particular the National Association of Home Builders—which hired thousands of illegals throughout the home building boom—and who wants to capitalize on the cheap labor that they expect will shortly be available (in order to drive down the average gross income levels in the United States), criticized language in the Kennedy-McCain sellout of the American people that will force US employers to verify that everyone they hire is a legal resident. (That was, if you remember, one of the key components that Reagan demanded and got—in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. And, of course, if you should also remember that section of the 1986 law was never enforced. There is no reason to believe the penalties in this proposed legislation which are aimed at employers who hire illegal aliens would be enforced either.

Look, people, we—as a nation—need to face a reality here. We have a federal government that is out-of-control. We have Presidents—all of them since FDR—with no constitutional legislative power who are issuing Executive Orders, Presidential Decision Directives and Presidential Proclamations that somehow now illegally carry the force of law when they have no authority to write law. We have federal judges with no legislative power who are writing law from the bench. And, we have legislators with no power to amend the US Constitution abrogating liberty by writing laws that infringe on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The real travesty is not the politicians who have run amok, but the fact that the American people have allowed this travesty to continue for 74 years without contesting the arbitrary right of politicians to unconstitutionally abrogate the Bill of Rights.

But the latest attempt by Congress and the White House to open our borders as Europe did when they formed the European Union is a treasonous violation of the Constitution of the United States. This is more than stupidity. It's more than just politics-as-usual. This is an attempt by our elected officials to surrender our sovereignty to transnational business interests which are trying hard to convert the United States, Mexico and Canada into a borderless clone of the European Union. Folks, if we don't stop this quickly, the only place the Stars and Stripes will be flying will be in our backyards on the 4th of July because the North American Union flag will be flying from the triparte nation's capital.

Even though the Democratically-controlled Senate leadership argued that the 326-page Kennedy-McCain immigration bill was not an amnesty bill, amnesty is the topic from page one. This is an Amnesty-Fest celebration for the far left—and for President George W. Bush who has sold out his constituency to repay the rich for the campaign contributions he received from Standard Oil interests, the Rockefeller Foundation and lesser important but equally powerful transnational industrialists, bankers and merchant princes who also financially support radical Hispanic groups like the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund [MALDEF], LaRaza (Spanish for "the Race"), and other nation-shattering groups who will profit if the United States, Mexico and Canada become the first three nations in the North American Union.

Ultimately, every nation in Central America will be thrown into the melting pot just as the industrial nations in western Europe were forced to assimilate the poverty-stricken nations of Eastern Europe into the European Union.

George W. Bush sold out the American people by jumping into bed with the radical left in search of, the media claims, his legacy. The Kennedy-McCain-Bush legislation is more than an immigration bill, more than an amnesty bill—it is a bill that will weaken national sovereignty by erasing our borders and setting the stage for Phase II of the globalist plan—merging the United States, Mexico, and Canada into what will initially be touted as an "economic union," when in fact it will be a political union with a conjoined, central government with a common currency just as the European Union.

As governments are consolidated, liberty is lost—even in what will also be touted as a greater democracy (socialism always is). As the doors are opened for the remaining Central American nations to "join" the North American Union, those populations, through their "vote" will be able to dilute the US Constitution into meaningless words that will be successfully amended out of existence and replaced with the UN Covenant on Human Rights.

We have one last chance to stop the North American Union. That last chance will come in soundly repudiating the Bush-Kennedy-McCain immigration bill—and removing George W. Bush from office before he can do any more damage to the Constitution of the United States.




To: Bill Barnstead


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